Quality Keyboard and Spills

I’d like to get a quality mechanical keyboard with the ‘MX Switch’ thing, but there is no question it will get something spilled on it.

My laptop keyboard has a low profile, and I got a silicone cover to protect it, however over time some keys don’t work unless you hit them very hard.

Is there a way to get quality and spill protection?

No idea about the “MX switch thing” but a company called Seal Shield sells waterproof keyboards that can even go in the dishwasher. They’re targeted at the medical market.

Spills aren’t actually too much of a problem.

You will need soap, water, a soft brush, gloves, and pure alcohol (ordinary or isopropyl), and a room with good ventilation.

Unplug the keyboard and disassemble it. Put the key caps in soapy water. Run the circuit board under the tap GENTLY cleaning with the brush until it is clean. Then rinse with the alcohol - this is to displace the water. WEAR GLOVES when you do this. Leave the circuit board to dry. Wash the keyboard enclosure ordinarily.

While the circuit board is drying, pick out the key caps and clean them and leave them to dry. Once everything is dry and aired, reassemble.

But really, why bother? The point of a mechanical keyboard is the feel of the thing and a waterproof membrane cover ruins that. You might as well get yourself a couple of cheap $10 keyboards and just accept that you’ll be replacing one occasionally.