Qualm down, Verizon!

Dear Cecil:

On recent commercials for Verizon FiOs service, the technical genius service man (who definitely doesn’t work in my area) brags that (FiOs) is “true qualm” (I appologize for possible spelling errors). Whut’s dat?

That’s ‘true QAM’: Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

So why would I care that FIOS is True QAM? I use Comcast and my biggest gripe is their heavy compression on HD content. Does True QAM mean that the picture looks as good as HD-DVD?

Thanks, from the same source, what’s “plus 20 DB hot”? From the context, I imagine signal strength of some sort…

You shouldn’t care. QAM is just one way of modulating a carrier with data. There are many other ways to modulate a carrier that work just fine. It doesn’t have any bearing on your picture quality, nor does the signal amplitude (plus 20 dB hot), as long as it is adequate for the transmission system in question.

They are just spouting meaningless techno-babble.