Quarter of Republicans believe Obama may be anti-Christ according to recent poll.

Man, these people really are dumber than shit.

See for yourself.

Just saw that… the party of Thurmond… Jesse Helms… calling ANYBODY a racist… insert pot and kettle comment here…

20% believe that Obama did many of the things that Hitler did.

Let’s see…

Hitler breathed air. Obama breathes air.
Hitler was once the leader of a nation. Obama is the leader of a nation.
Hitler was not born in Decatur. Obama was not born in Decatur.

Folks, looks like what have here is one of them there dick-taters!

I know we should not cross post but I think this merits it:

Hitler discovers Republicans have no ideas :smiley:

I thought Bill Clinton was the AntiChrist? or was it Hillary?

The money shot

So it’s official. Republicans are batshit crazy.

57% think he is a muslim.

67% a socialist.

45% he wasn’t born in USA and 45% that he is a Domestic Enemy.

And this is all stirred up by the Republican hate machine. If Obama is assassinated it will be Republicans who are to blame for inciting the hatred with their lies.

Its not that there are suddenly fewer rational conservatives, its that so many rational conservative no longer self-identify as Republicans. Hence, the batshit base becomes more prominent. They were always there, but they were being used and exploited by the corporatist wing of the party, which required their enthusiasm and money and was willing to publicly pander to them, but only up to a point.

The current nonsense being pumped out flatters them and makes them feel that somehow they are more numerous than they were before, hence more powerful, but they are the same people they were five years ago, or ten.

Certain acute and highly intelligent people, who shall remain nameless for fear of infringing upon their modesty, predicted just exactly this schism on the right, when the batshit wing got tired of being told that next year, next year their concerns would be addressed by the rational wing. One more election, just one more, and we’ll outlaw gay marriage and abortion, just one more donation, one more shift manning the phones and knocking on doors…

And then the vultures came home to roost.

While 40% of Pubs think Obama “does what Wall Street and the bankers tell him to do.” Some responders, at least 7% and I expect many more, must have answered “Yes” to both questions. I wonder how they’re able to keep both propositions in their heads at once?

Cognitive dissonance, my friends, is the number one threat to the Republic! We of the Mother’s March Against Cognitive Dissonance recognize this dread peril for what it is, and urge all right-thinking Americans to…hey, stop that!..quit shoving, dammit, this is the Pit and I can…I said, stop that!..that is soooo uncool!..

Not that difficult when there’s nothing else in there.

Shit called. It resents being associated with these dregs,

I’m actually more concerned about the 6% of Democrats who think he’s the antichrist.

Probably conspiracy theorists - the type of people who would believe any president, king, Pope, etc. is a potential anti-Christ. Also people just screwing with the pollsters.

I don’t know that being a conspiracy theorist makes it okay. I mean, we get polls posted here more or less every day about how 30% of Republicans believe something that is totally batshit insane, but frankly I expect better of my people.

Well if we expected logic from these folks they would say that the #1 threat to America is Democracy.

Well, since they’re presumably registered voters, they’re probably right.

“Obama wants socialized medicine!”

“Keep your hands off my Medicare!”

See how easy that is?

Hooray! Another liberal circle-jerk in the Pit! Woohoo!

How many times do I have to tell you simpletons? If you ask Yale students if Harvard students fellate donkeys, they’re going to say yes. If you ask Red Sox fans if Yankee fans are thieves and rapists, they’re going to say yes.

If you ask Republicans if Obama is [something bad], they’re going to say yes. It doesn’t even matter what that “something bad” is. You can ask if he’s a Muslim, socialist, anti-Christ, or babykiller all you want. No matter how ridiculous, you’re going to get a yes every time.

joebuck, I hereby award you 35 Doper points. Welcome to the club, kid. Only 5720 more and you can get a handjob from the moderator of your choice!

Sure, there are the wackos claiming he is a Muslim, Socialist non-citizen bent on selling us out to the “enemy” (whoever that is) while trying to consolidate all power in DC so he and Michelle can laugh maniacally while they burn the American flag and have abortions performed in the Oval Office. Unfortunately, those kinds of people have always been out there and always will be. Remember the number of Democrats that were positive that W planted explosives in the twin towers or that it was a missile that hit the Pentagon? Or the loons who knew that Clinton had Vince Foster killed? Or the goofs that were sure that George H. W. Bush knew Hinckley’s dad and they worked together to get Hinckley to assassinate Reagan.

As has been stated many times in this board, there are “…lies, damned lies, and statistics”. We all know that polls are skewed based on who is asked, the types of questions used and how the people being asked are identified. There have been many negative results in about Obama, Pelosi, health care, cap-and-trade and so on. However, if you took a similar poll at Berkeley or at a Greepeace protest you might get different results.

These psychos are an embarrassment not just to Republicans or even to Americans but to the human race as a whole. They need to stop listening to Late Night Coast to Coast and Glenn Beck and have their doctors adjust their Thorazine dosage.

On a side-note, the Live Science blog has the ultimate no-brainer studylisted on its front page. Makes me laugh that money was spent to figure out this one.

Yeah, I think this is part of it. But only part of it. There are definitely true-believing Birthers out there, and there are definitely those who really believe he is a Muslim (15% of Democrats, according to that poll). But the Antichrist? I have to wonder how many of them take that literally…