One Quarter of Republicans think Obama may be the AntiChrist

…according to a Harris poll:

What kills me are the 6% of Democrats, according to this poll, who think so, too. What the Hell are they thinking?

“Well, he may be our president, from our party, but we suspect he’s the AntiChrist.” Maybe they think that makes him cooler.

I wonder if someone said “yes” to all the questions.

The weird thing is that there wasn’t much overlap between people’s answers from one question to the next. 100% of the people surveyed believed at least two of those things but there was no rhyme or reason to it.

Of course he does many of the same things as Hitler. He eats, sleeps, shaves, pisses…

Only a quarter?

I’m worried that it will turn out he escaped from the Phantom Zone.

  • 100 percent will give any controversial answer to stupid polls just for a laugh.

Indeed. The dumber the poll, the dumber the answer. I should just put this in my profile and link to it every time this topic comes up.

What does it even mean to say “he resents America’s heritage”? And what kind of poll would include “is he the anti-christ”?

This is bullshit, actually. It’s an answer that people like to give about polls that are embarrassing to them, but it’s not an objection with any demonstrated, empirical validity.

A poll commissioned to ask that question.

I’m amazed that almost 60% of Republicans think Obama is a Muslim. what the hell is going on with that party?

As much as I lack respect for the Republican party right now – I find those poll results really, really hard to believe. I’d be moderately surprised if that many people actually believed in an anti-Christ.

My only guess about this is that many of the Republicans who responded ‘yes’ to “Do you think Barrack Obama is a Muslim” are doing so out of a sense of party unity. They don’t actually believe he is a Muslim, but they have been told to say that he is, so they do.

Some seriously weird shit is going down in DC right now.

Every single evangelical that I have met really DOES believe in the eventual existence of The Antichrist.

The fact that some of these folks believe Mr. Obama is The Antichrist speaks more to their party indoctrination than anything else. He doesn’t fit the profile, for one thing.

Of course, if the guy is unfortunate enough to suffer a fatal head wound and then miraculously recovers, all bets will be off. :rolleyes:

OK (but I don’t accept the implication that the poll embarrasses me, as I am neither a Republican nor even an American).

Perhaps it would be fairer to say that 32 percent of a small subset of Republicans, when asked a leading question (i.e. “Do you think Obama is a Muslim?”) answered “Yes”.

No, because 57% of Republicans answered yes, because it was representative sample, not a subset and because it isn’t a leading question. Are you sure you know what a leading question actually means? If so, please explain why that question is leading.

According to that link, 13% of Independents think Obama may be the AntiChrist. Weird stuff.

So, Obama, politically speaking, is about half white, mostly black, mostly muslim, and about an eighth antichrist?

Wasnt there something in Nostrodamas’s Quantrans about fractions that dont add up and the end times?

Wait, where did you find results broken out by individual respondant? I’d like to see that. Are you saying that every single person surveyed believed at least two of these things, and that no one believed none of them?

Obama is literally Hitler.