Quasi at the Quackadero

Quasi at the Quackadero was a short animated film that was made in the early 1990s. Quasi is a duck-like creature who hangs out with two friends, his girlfriend and a wheelchair-bound duck-thing named Rollo. Quasi’s g/f loves Rollo, so when they go to the Quackadero they push him into the Prehistory exhibit – where he actually does go into prehistory.

So. Has anyone seen it?

This is one of the most famous and celebrated animated shorts that I haven’t seen. Is it even available commercially?

Oh, and it was actually made in 1976.

ArchiveGuy: I meant to type “1980s”. But I still would have been off by a number of years. I did a search and found this site. I may have to get a copy. I liked it. Heck, whenever I see *Quasimodem’s posts I say to myself (in a bizarre voice) “Hello, Quasi!”

Sally Cruikshank made it in 1976, as noted above. I borrowed it from the library in Rochester, N.Y. I’d already heard of it, though, because I saw cel from it for sale at Gallery Lainzberg.

Sally’s stuff has since shown up in the strangest places – the opening animation for the movie Manequin, the cartoon-within-thw-movie in Twilight Zone – the Movie, and I think she does “Teacher’s Pet” for The disney Channel.

So… Only two of us have seen it?

Okay: It’s 35 bucks for the set of three shorts on one VHS cassette, yes? Well, of course I’ll have to get it, right?

“Oh, Santa?”



“Hello, Quasi! Raaaoooooow!”

Pretty steep, eh? That’s the first place I looked. Maybe it’s cheaper elsewhere.

I’ve seen a lot of animation in my life, but for some reason this one “sticks”.

I had no idea it was famous!

I saw it back in the early-'80s (which is why I thought it had been made then) on Showtime Shorts. They had some good stuff between the feature films back then. Another one I remember was called (I think) 20 Mile Limit. It was shot in colour, but it was shown in negative. I thought they’d screwed up, and it was a bit distracting. The story was set in the future in a bleak society. The State would not allow people to venture more than 20 miles into the ocean because it was deadly with radioactivity, but the protagonist was convinced that the 20-mile limit was simply an old fishing boundary. I remember nothing else about it except that there was some sort of little R2D2-like robot.