Quatermass, 2005

dopers in the know: can a **legit **copy of the bbc’s 2005 broadcast of the remake of the quatermass experiment be purchased - obviously in a U.S. compatible format? or am i SOL?

i have the original 1953 film and would love to have the remake as a companion piece.

I don’t have an answer for you. This is the first I’ve heard of the remake, so I’m awaiting further info as well. While we wait, I might as well give this a bump and ask if you’ve seen this:

Sorry to say, I haven’t. I keep meaning to get around to watching the 1953 original, and the 1967 sequel. I’m really no help at all, but I knew it existed, and thought I’d mention it on the off-chance you didn’t.

i have the original and the first sequel, the name of which escapes me (‘enemy from space,’ maybe?).

you tube has excerpts at least on three of the four films, which is how i first learned about the quatermass remake.

david tennant is playing the brisco part (the puzzled medical doctor looking after our doomed astronaut), which cracked me up when i realized which part he had. dunno if he had doctor who sewn up at that point.