Quebec's Big Easy

NY US doper here with a 17 year old brother. He has discovered the awesomness that is lower drinking ages in Canada and wants me to take him on an inaugural drinking excursion after he turns 18. Quebec is the nearest 18 province in Canada to us. I figure we might as go all out. I need suggestions for the biggest party towns in Quebec. Preferably New Orleans style with public drinking allowed, a party atmosphere, and girls flashing their boobs (for him) / some kind of gay scene (for me). Also preferably not too far from the US border. Any ideas?

I’d say Montreal in the summer

Usually frowned upon but can be seen around St-Jean-Baptiste day (June 24), Canada day (July 1) and the Jazz festival (end of June beginning of July). On the other hand, booze is readily available.

See above.

Boob-flashing ? not here (but lots of strip joints). Gay scene ? Well, there is the gay village in downtown Montreal.

Note that the legal drinking age varies by province in Canada - it’s actually 19 in most places, with Quebec being one of the few exceptions.

That said, I second the nomination of Montreal as your destination of choice.

I’d suggest going down for the jazz festival in late June/early July - it’s one hell of a party. Open container is discouraged, but there are plenty of beer gardens/tents if you want to drink outdoors. Pride weekend in Montreal is lots of fun as well (some of my gay friends actually prefer it to Toronto’s Pride parties), but probably not what your brother has in mind. :slight_smile:

It’s unlikely you’ll run into any full-blown Mardi Gras levels of excess, but as detop mentioned, there are plenty of strip joints in the downtown area to satisfy the bare boobies quota.