Queen Elizabeth and her wardrobe.

To all ya British Dopers, maybe you can help me with this one?
Does Queen Elizabeth or Princess Diana has ever publically worn same piece of clothing(goawn,hat,shoes,coat)twice?

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the queen in the same set-up more than once. Not sure about Di.

To be honest, I haven’t a cllue, but that never stopped me in the past.

After reading the book by Diana’s ex butler, Paul Burrell, a good read, I might add, it seems that Diana seldom wore the same outfit (gowns/dresses, trouser suits, etc) more than once to a public event. Shoes, handbags, hats and coats I guess she wore more than once.

As for the Queen, I think, like **Lobsang ** says, that she’s more of a recycler. But then she was never so much of a babe…

Queen. Lady on my money. English grandmother type. Sovereign beyond the seas. Adrienne Clarkson’s boss*.



<brain strrippps geaarsss>

I’m sorry. Just entertaining the possibility theoretically has damaged something inside.

Actually, she was, in her younger days. So was her sister.

Lob, I grant you Maggie was a bit of a babe, as many men from Tony Snowdon to Group Captain Townsend (not The Who - not THAT group) to Peter Sellers would testify. Well, if they were all still alive.

But Lizzie? I think you set the bar a bit lower over on the Isle of Man.

Well I did start to have second thoughts after saying that (Maybe it was just princess Margrett) so I googled Queen Elizabeth II “age 18”

but no luck. too many pics of Queen Elizabeth II “age 60+”

I think Diana has been wearing the same outfit for the last few years…

What? Somebody had to say it!

I think a good old Hindu-style bonfire would have been the way to go.

Here’s a picture of Lizzie in her late 20s or so. Do with that what you will.

Well, that’s not exactly the fairest picture in the world. :slight_smile:

There are several on this page that show her at her coronation, without, um, so much of the teeth. She’s not so un-babely - actually, she looks a lot like my mom at the same age.

(Er, just for the record, however, I look nothing like my mother. Not that my mom’s so un-babely either. But, you know. I did kind of get her Jimmy Carter teeth.)

Oh, and in an OT by the way - last summer I was in London and hit Buckingham Palace for the first time for me, and because of the Jubilee I guess, they had a big Coronation exhibit, with the gown and everything. If you can still see the gown and have any interest whatsoever in the fabric arts or what have you, please, make the trip. The embroidery is to stop your heart, if you do anything like that.

I doubt she can fit in it nowadays, though. And it can’t have been good to sit in - back in the day when I was in the SCA, I was told the primary rule of garb ornamentation is “Never bead your butt.” Ouch.


Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl,
but she doesn’t have a lot to say
Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl
but she changes from day to day

I want to tell her that I love her a lot
But I gotta get a bellyful of wine
Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl
Someday I’m going to make her mine, oh yeh,
someday I’m going to make her mine.


I wish I had saved it, but when Princess Margaret died I read an article about her life that mentioned her various ill-fated romances included one with Pete Townshend. I don’t mean there was a minor misspelling of the name of Group Captain Peter Townsend (no “h”), it actually said something like “rock star Pete Townshend of The Who.” I’m not sure how that slipped past the fact-checkers…especially considering that Townshend can’t have been more than ten years old when Princess Margaret was involved with Townsend.