Queen Elizabeth crashes a wedding

And they say Her Maj doesn’t have a sense of humour. :slight_smile:

Link from the CBC.

I always think it’s so sweet when public figures do little things like this. It’s just a few minutes out of her day, but this will be a story that will be told in the new family for generations. Too cute.

"And then the Queen put her hand on my stomach, where you were, and asked, ‘Are you knocked up, dear?’ And then she said, ‘We heard the food was better on this side. May I have a gin?’ "

Her Royal Highness was probably checking out the groom as prima nocta meat.

I’m not exactly a royalist, but that truly was awesome. They were so chuffed.

Regardless of your opinions on the institution of the monarchy, I think almost everyone agrees that Elizabeth II does the job very well.

Charles is totally screwed.

Yes, I’m very much the anti-monarchist, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Queen Elizabeth. She won me over long ago.

Her Royal Highness? :dubious:

“Her Majesty” is the correct form - though she is also Duke of Normandy and Lord of Mann.

I like Charles. I do realise, though, that I am probably the only person in the British Commonwealth of Nations who does.

Hey, I’ve got a soft spot for Charles too. All families need someone to scapegoat, and for the Windsors, it seems that Charles was the soft target! I reckon he’d make a great Monarch…maybe a slightly eccentric one, but a good bloke all the same. :slight_smile:

On the front page, this thread title just shows up as “Queen Elizabeth Crashes a…”, so I had to click to find out more. I was thinking tank or ship.

Echoing something said in the comments for that article: It appears that the groom had sent the Queen an invitation (just as a joke, and not expecting her to actually show up). So, technically, Her Majesty didn’t crash anything.

Agreed. Charles is ok. (Oh - and I never could stand Diana. He’s much better off with Camilla.)

I’m pro-Chuckles too. He’s a doofus, but he tries.

I wrote to Charles ages ago when he made a speech about historic preservation, and got a lovely letter back, complete with the royal crest on the envelope! My landlady was impressed.

Her Maj strikes me as a very nice girl (though she doesn’t have a lot to say), and I have always been on Team Camilla. Classic no-nonsense dowager.

I don’t get why everybody seems to think Camilla is so ugly, Eve. I mean, she’s better looking than most of them and a perfectly handsome older woman.

She does need some fashion help, I’m afraid. I did love what she wore for her own wedding, but have been quite disappointed in her choices lately. Hmph.

On the down-side, this little incident is going to cost the young couple massive social points in the intermediate period (after the novelty is gone and before it becomes a story told to the grand-children). Nobody is going to want to invite them to parties, because they will always have the trump story. He’ll never be able to spin a yarn at the pub, either. He’ll start out telling his mates about the flat tyre he got on the way to Croyden and somebody will pipe up with “And then Charles showed up to change it for you, right?” and everybody will smirk and go back to drinking. She’ll never get to say anything to her friends on their little victories in Life, because her friends will never be sure if she’s just being condescending instead of really interested.

Thanks a lot, Queenie!

Heard about it on the news last night. I thought it was a wonderful story.

Is it technically crashing a wedding if you are invited, decline, and show up anyway?
Still, a cool story.

“Sorry, Your Majesty, we did invite you, but you didn’t RSVP. We don’t have seating for you; afraid you’ll have to leave.”