Bitch Queen

OK Lizzy, just go to your damn sons wedding, and stop being such a bitch to them. Sure they have both been married before, and sure it wont be in a Church, but still…
Who do you think you are anyway, Queen of the f’n universe, I think not.

Yeah, you ignorant bitch queen!

Wait a minute. Why is she a bitch queen again?

You’re pitting Ayesha?

The extrapolation I must now perform may make my head a splode, stand back.

Yeah, what did I do to you ?

. . . the fuck, Bippy?

Chuck and 'Milla have made it very clear that they don’t want a spectacle made out of their wedding. Chuck knows very well that making a huge to-do over it will alienate a lot of Brits, and wants to keep the civil ceremony as low-key as possible. HM has acceeded to their wishes. She’ll be at the Church blessing ceremony.

Where’s the bitchiness here?

Dude, I’m no big supporter of the monarchy, and even I find that harsh.

I’ll support Prince William any day of the week, though. Mrrrrrowr. :wink:

Um… I haven’t a fucking clue what is going on here, and I loathe being a junior mod, but isn’t there a reason why we keep personal matters like this apparently is off the boards?

Although I think it’s reasonable for the Queen not to attend the civil ceremony for the reasons that have been expressed (not wanting to make it a big spectacle), this whole thing looks very jerry-rigged.

Why don’t they just go to Scotland like the last time this came up? He is Prince and Grand Steward thereof.

This has to be the most surreal thread of the week.

It wouldn’t be personal matters unless Bippy’s a member of the British royal family. Check the recent newspapers for the scandal about the Queen not attending Prince Charles’s and Camilla’s wedding. :wink:

Lizzie==Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

Not exactly personal.

Man, I just knew I should have picked up a copy of The National Enquirer when I was at the grocery store the other day.

Anywho, I don’t think I’ve been whooshed this bad since I saw the blue angels.

Here’s a link: Queen not going to Charles wedding.

Oh jesus, I got whooshed and I enjoyed it. :confused: :smiley:

The *real * Queen. Got it.


MINE! Grrrrrrr…

I’ll take Harry. Boy needs a ball-gag and a spankin’.

Get a room, you hussies.

Bitch! Queen!


Hen vixen sow jenny goose mare!