Queen song question

What Queen song includes the lines “we will, we will rock you”?

Umm, its called ‘We will rock you’. Astonishing, I know.


You got mud on your face, you big disgrace.

There’s a Queen song I’ve been looking forever, at one point in the song, you can hear Freddie Mercury sing “It’s a kind of magic”. Could anyone lend me a hand in determining which Queen song would that be?

This would be, of course, “Radio Ga Ga”.

What about that one where they go “Flash! Pew! Ahhhhhhhh!”

Easy. The song’s called “Flash! Pew! Ahhhhhhhh!”.


I’ve always liked the one with the chorus about how the show must go on. I wish I could find it…

I can’t remember, but I think it has an iconic, three-beat cadence … stomp-stomp-CLAP! stomp-stomp-CLAP!

Wait … I know … it’s the 2-minute intro to “We Are The Champions”!

I think its called “Grant’s Tomb.”

Damn, thirty minutes too late.


What’s the one about the fat-bottomed girls? My wife likes that one.

No, that’s Spinal Tap.

My favorite Queen song is the one with the really, really, really long title Is This The Real Life Is This Just Fantasy Caught In A Landslide, No Escape From Reality Open Your Eyes, Look Up To The Skies And See, I’m Just A Poor Boy, I Need No Sympathy, Because I’m Easy Come, Easy Go, Little High, Little Low, Any Way The Wind Blows Doesn’t Really Matter To Me, To Me.

They released a bunch of new Queen songs with Rockband 3 and let me tell you if you really want to shred any pride you have - sign up to sing Bohemian Rhapsody.

How does that one go?

As I recall, it’s “Fat Bottomed Girls.” Interesting song-- at one point, the lyric “Get on your bikes and ride” is heard. Of course Queen also did a song about bicycles that included the lyric “Fat bottomed girls will be riding today.” Hmmm … just what is that song about bicycles?


Didn’t they have an album of all jazz songs? What was the name of it?