Queer Dopefest 2006: Chez Matt_mcl

Today in Johannesburg, Gay Games Federation announced that Games VII/2006 will take place in Montreal, which beat out Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles.

So, Matt, how’s your apartment lookin :D?

I thought I was pretty well informed about the Gay Sub-culture[sup]TM[/sup], but I had absolutely no idea that y’all used a different calendar.


Damn! You young’ns plan so far in advance.

Sua, :confused: huh? D’ye mean the Games VII/2006? Sort of like the XXV Olmpiad-2004, except, of course, we don’t have a nice fancy word like Olympiad (as you may have heard, Olympiad is, um, not an option for us). :slight_smile:

I’ll try my best to become a good lesbian before then so I can come.
Unless you’re ok with a breeder. :wink:

Félicitations, Montréal!

Hey Matt, can my swim team stay at your place?

Matt, can I get floor space? I’m not gay, Canadian or athletic, but it sound like a great party!

Grandfather: you might not appreciate the rent :slight_smile:

Well, good. Montreal won, as I was expecting. I suppose they figured out it’s not a good idea to have the Gay Games in a country that doesn’t let HIV-positive people in!

But I’m not gloating. I just hope it costs less than the last Olympics. They won’t have to build a stadium, for one thing.

That reminds me of the mental image I got - you Montreal dopers will appreciate this: picture the Phelps klan come up to Montreal to protest the gay games. They’re all arrayed out just beneath the Olympic Stadium. Which then chooses that moment to finally collapse :smiley:

Is it true that drag racing is a demonstration sport for this Olympics?

It does make biathlete sound different, doesn’t it?

“That’s not the baton, but don’t let go!”

I’m not sure but I think synchronised rimming made it in this time. Ho Ho…

And let’s not forget Gaylaxicon, the annual GLBT science fiction convention, will be hosted by Yours Truly in 2004 in San Diego.

Plan ahead for those international trips! :smiley:


Since when is the Clean & Jerk a team sport?

Geez, I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Can I still keep my collection of Melissa & Indigo Girls?