"Queer Eye" 7/29 - John

What new fashion, grooming, decorating, cooking and cultural disasters are in store?

“everything feels better in cashmere.”

soooooo, true!

Amy Sedaris!!

That’s who Carson reminds me of–it’s been driving mne crazy!

great show tonight.


macy elf’s sister?

I absolutely loved the show tonight! John was a pretty nice looking guy, and Kyan looked HOT in the cowboy hat. Yes, Otto, I know he’s yours. He wouldn’t be interested in me anyway. The best line from the show was when John and Kyan were both saying how people said they looked like Keanu Reeves, and Carson said “And people say I look like Ellen DeGeneres.” I crakced up. Man, this show rocks!

Great show! I find I learn a little something every time I watch.

I loved this show. I was so happy that his girlfriend said yes; she really looked as if she were about to say no, as the guys pointed out afterwards.

Jai is really cool as well; he seemed more “there” than Blair. Doing more stuff, with the group more often, you know.

Yay :slight_smile:

I saw two episodes (well, one and a half) tonight. I caught the end of the episode about the long-haired guy who wanted his girlfriend to move in with him, and then stuck around for John the Urban Cowboy and his girlfriend (soon to be wife) Tina.

This show is the best. I am officially hooked. I love the Fab 5 and the guys they get for the “makeovers” always seem to be really likeable people.

This episode made me so happy it’s ridiculous. I am continually impressed with Thom’s work on the apartments. The poor guy’s a workhorse!
Part of my brain understands that the show is just one big long product placement but the other parts of my brain don’t care because it’s so much fun. The visit to the chocolatier made me drool like Homer Simpson. I thought when they talked about chocolate boxes, it would be like cardboard Lindt boxes. But boxes actually made out of chocolate are yummier. John was a pretty hip straight guy. He had the manners, the romance, and the looks. Does he have a brother?

This ep seemed somehow less substantial to me. Each of the other three victims all had some serious issues that needed to be made over. Atrocious hair, disgustingly sloppy houses and the like. John seemed just to need a little tweaking (heh) of the very solid raw material that was already there. Which other of the victims would have had time for a leisurely lunch?

I knew she was going to say yes but the nervousness of John and the Fab 5 started getting to me.

My favorite moment had to be right at the end, when my sweet sweet Kyan was draped in a towel. <swoon>

I loved this episode, too! But I was not enthralled with the lovely Tina. She looks like she could eat poor sweet John alive and then spit him out like something nasty! He deserves better! (He deserves Kyan)

Last night’s episode actually made my husband feel really bad about not proposing in a more special way. He felt bad because he never pampers me like this guy seemed to want to do with his gal. The Fab 5 were all so impressed with what a thoughtful, sensetive guy John is and he knew that the Fab 5 would never approve of him so highly and dammit, it just made him feel guily.

I LOVE this show! evil grin

Kyan: Yas kazidim kazi!

(Actually, my reference books give the translation as “Yes kez si’rumem”.)

Was it just my imagination or was there some sexual sparks between John and Kyan. When they were in the bathroom together, standing close enough to kiss, I was getting light headed.

As HOT as Kyan is, I am developing a serious crush on Thom.

Despite all the Casablanca shout-outs, I doubt Ingrid Bergman would have brayed, “Holy shit—is this for me?!” when Humphrey Bogart led her into the back yard.

Could have been worse. Imagine if they’d taken the “hooker from Trenton” into the tent. “This is so fckin’ elegant! It’s just sheer gddam classy! Let’s do it…”

Thom is definitely my favorite. He totally cracks me up.

Last night when he was looking at the stick-on stained glass and says…“I mean…!!!” And then Ted (who looks exactly like a gay friend of mine named Ted) says “Dear Lord, please get rid of these windows.”

And then later when Thom said “This room looks like a big white box.” So a few minutes later he asked the guy why he liked those mirrors and he said “Because it makes it look bigger.” The look on Thom’s face was hilarious. “Uh…OK!”

They all crack me up.

Best makeover show ever.

i’m with gobear, i learn a little something with every show. last night i learned ted’s ladder trick. i have filed that one. very smooth move.

i figure john was a bit too nervous to try it out with tina right away. perhaps he will remember it when the cameras aren’t around.

i was a bit concerned that he might have to propose in an er when she climbed up the ladder.

The makeover part of this one was no big deal. He didn’t even get a new haircut! But the apartment was quite nice, and I was grinning through the whole proposal, so it evens out. Plus all the funny haha.

And another thing I learned: they run gay chat line ads during the later rerun. Don’t see that too often.