"Queer Eye" 8/5/03 - Vincent

Leaving aside the wicked lame Jimmy Hoffa joke, from the previews it looks like Vincent is as messy as Tom (although it appears he always cleans his plates). I’m looking forward to more shaving tips from my sweet sweet Kyan, and Carson will have another big wardrobe revamp to do. Jai it seems may be spotlighted with “stage presence pointers” (Jai is a Broadway vet and has a current off-Broadway show running) and Thom will undoubtedly give us storage, storage and more storage. But what will we see of Ted? Will Vincent have to make snacks for the audience at his singing debut?

The latest Entertainment Weekly has a cover story on the Fab 5.

Interesting tidbits: Jai was a last-minute hire, replacing Blair (the black guy we saw in the second and third episodes to air, which were the first two to shoot). That’s why Jai’s in the opening credits and Blair isn’t.

The make-betters do, indeed, take four days of real time. All 5 fabs share one Winnebago when they’re on site.

Also, Ted gives some culinary tips, including my favorite (paraphrased): “A good substitute for butter is giving up food completely.”

The current People (with bob hope cover) has a story on the Fab 5 as well.

The Fab 5 are also going to be on The Tonight Show August 14 (and possibly 15, sources vary) making over Jay Leno, his band and the set.

Oh, man! I hate (with such a passion) The Tonight Show with that insipid Leno but I do love the Queers.

Decisions, decisions.

Oh man, I just saw this show for the first time on Sunday night. 3 straight (ha!) episodes. What a fantastic show.

Why did Blair leave? Any ideas?

This one was kind of bland, imho. There wasn’t much to do with Vincent’s hair (obviously), just the wardrobe and the apartment.

Vincent’s wife was the first of the women on the show that I actually liked. The others seemed kind of rude to me. Oh, and whoever made the comment about how she should have cleaned up & he could have done more–it may have been Kyan–was being a bit snarky.

The singing debut was very, very sweet. :slight_smile:

This ep struck me as the most joyous to date. Maybe it was the musical aspect, but everyone seemed somehow more upbeat. Ted’s bit with the tea seemed really forced, like they were desperate to wedge in something food-related and that’s what they came up with. Snaps for the slippery elm lozenges, though. I love those!

It was Thom who made the comment about cleaning the apartment. My sweet sweet Kyan could never be snarky! And I didn’t think it was snarky at all. If I knew my home was going to be shown on national TV, I think I would at least dust.

I loved the reveal! The Cleftones were hilarious and the Fab 5’s comments throughout were a riot. Ted: “Aaah! He’s nekkid! He’s NEKKID!” I loved watching them dance off and I especially loved knowing that there are at least two gay men in the world who dance worse than I do. Ted, I love ya buddy but you have no rhythm and Carson? You move like a zombie from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video.

I thought they were kinda mean to all the performers, both the Cleftones and Ted. His voice wasn’t bad at all—the song was horrendous (“I’m so in love with you, I’m so in love with you, I’m so in love with you, I’m so in love with you”), but his voice was OK.

I loved Missy Oprah-Guest, their “friend,” who had the whole neck-wobbly, talk-to-the-hand act down pat.

Oh, two questions: One, who does the title song and is it available somewhere, and two, was Thom’s shirt supposed to look like someone spilled cranapple on it or did something fall on him at Vincent’s house?

Least interesting ep so far - the guy seemed barely engaged in his makeover (and just how much can you do with a shaved head anyway?). Ted had little to do, Thom basically cleaned up, Carson found a couple of outfits, but its not like there was a big consult session. Overally, not a lot to work with…

As for the singing, Carson was the cattiest in terms of saying how out of tune Vincent was. R&B ballads are hard to sing, and the line between melisma (a Mariah-like extending of syllables) and off-tune warbling can be easy to cross. Vincent’s voice was decent, but he wasn’t able to hit the ballad hard enough to pull it off. But as others have said, the moment itself was cool.

Now Jai, he could sing - he only hit a couple of notes, but nailed 'em hard.

The Queers did it again! Random comments:

  1. I didn’t like what Kyan (yum) was wearing yesterday.
  2. Do they make wrap shirts for men or was Carson wearing a women’s shirt?
  3. Good lord! How can you have kids and have your house be so…gross?
  4. I love what the int dec guy (what’s his name, anyhow?) did with the pics of the kids. The sepia photos in the brushed nickel frames were very nice.
  5. Jai sings very well.
  6. He also wears women’s shoes very well.
  7. It’d be nice if they made over a woman once. I think the guys would have a lot of fun with such a project.
  8. My husband watched it with me and asked me to find (and subsequently purchase) the brand of shaving cream Kyan recommended to dude. What was it…NDN?

By the way, Ted (I meant “Vincent” in the post above) and Thom are growing on me. Kyan is the cutest, but those two have “It,” as well. Carson and Jai, I’m afraid, roll off my knife.

Yeah, what was up with Thom’s shirt? I thought the “tomato sauce stain” look was out.

Did you notice the uncomfortable moment when Kyan asked, “What would happen if you asked some friends to go out for a facial?” and Vincent said, “I’d probably get a black eye?” Kyan visibly blanched for a second and you could see him thinking, “Oh, right, because gay men deserve to be beaten,” before he pasted on his Friendly TV Smile again and carried on with the show.

Does anyone from Canada know if this show is broadcast here on “our” Bravo channel?? Or will we get to see it about a year later, as usual?:rolleyes:

Making over women is why God invented “What Not To Wear.” Oddly I would have no interest in watching the Fab 5 make over a woman. Part of the fun of the show for me is watching the interaction between the straight male victim and the Fab 5.

I took my sweet sweet Kyan’s blanche more as “oh lord, how do I get myself into situations hanging around people who hang around Neanderthals” but maybe I over-analyzed.

If the glamour attacks last four days, where do the wives and kids go during that time?

How long will it be before washed-up rapper Fab 5 Freddy sues over appropriation of his handle? If Spike Lee can shake money out of TNN over the whole “Spike TV” thing Freddy probably has a team of lawyers on it even as we speak.

I thought I was a relatively poor housekeeper but holy crow, I got nothing on Vinnie and his wife. That place was scary. It was like a combination of Tom’s with the scary food detritus shoved under the couch and Butch’s with the knee-deep clutter. I love Thom to death, but I wish there’d been a little more color in the place apart from several shades of brown and I think a little blue. The bedroom looked good until the camera panned over to the sad lonely dresser with the wilty plant on the opposite wall. I agree Ted’s role was a little wasted in this episode, but his dancing made up for it.

Jai was in Rent on Broadway; hence the singing chops.

Eh…it was ok, nothing special. I think that they choose people based on how shitty their houses are. I mean, while I can believe that some people live like that, I can’t imagine that if you knew someone was coming over, you wouldn’t at least make an effort.

I didn’t know that the process actually took 4 days. I was more impressed when I thought it was only one. I thought those were the hardest working guys in existance. So how is the family shocked at the interior then? I mean, you can’t avoid your house for 4 days if you have a family.

I thought Vincent’s singing was weak too. And one of the reasons that I like the guys is that they’ll say things that we all sometimes think. I agree that the house was a pig pen, and should have been kept cleaner, and that the guy definatly was better as backup. Did you notice the expression on the first of the Cleftones they showed as he was singing? Had a “Is this over yet” look on his face.

And I loved them finding the porn…lmao.

I’m wondering what the budget for the show is? Most of the stores they shop in are very expensive, although I can manage Bed, Bath and Beyond once in a while.

Did you notice how Kai maintained direct eye contact with me at the end of the show?


I’ve never watched What Not to Wear, Otto. Do the make-over people make snarky comments? I’ll only watch it if they make snarky comments.

Color me ambivalent about this episode.

Thom is a god, though. I mean, really. Look at what he’s done to all the homes so far. Vincent’s is just the latest in a long line of triumphs. Though, to be fair, most of the triumph was just throwing stuff away! I get disgusted when my roommate takes out a bag of garbage and just sets it next to the trash can. I can’t imagine living like that. Yech. Oh, but back to Thom. What’s great about him is that he takes what the people already have and uses it. The big mirror on the headboard for this one, the faux stained glass windows (that one shocked me the most), and the boomerang all made important contributions to the room makeover.

Vincent… Well, let’s just say that he’s an amateur singer, and that’s okay. It wasn’t so much the melisma that got him off-key, either, it was that he didn’t hit the note to begin with, and then started varying his pitch. But he was decent for a little joint in New York, and, as Carson said, his heart was what mattered.

I like Jai better than Blair. He seems more involved, or something.

Why do none of these guys listen to Kyan about shaving? It seems like every one of them do the against-the-grain thing, and they always seem to shave before showering.

Poor Ted in this episode. He didn’t really have anything to do. It’s a shame, 'cause he’s one of my favorites.

Actually, come to think of it, none of them (besides Thom) really had much to do. Kyan took him to a spa, Carson took him shopping, but they didn’t really seem to be that involved. Perhaps that’s 'cause Vincent really didn’t seem to involve himself that much, unlike the other guys who seemed to jump in headfirst…