"Queer Eye for South Park" (Oct. 22)

South Park is taking on Queer Eye . . . tonight; should be interesting.

I am so looking foward to this.

“You look gay.”


Damn! Two of my favorites collide!

Are they making over Mr. Garrison? No. Can’t be.

This should be pretty funny. The show (which I love) does have plenty of material for lampooning.

I wonder if they will have Big Gay Al invovled in this episode? Anyone know?

Are you sure this is the plot? I went to the web site and it just said “everyone is gay”. Didn’t see the Queer Eye angle referenced directly.

I saw a quick promo for it last night, and it was definitely parodying Queer Eye—though I donlt know how big a part of the plot that’ll be.

So what is the lead time for South Park episodes running at these days? A week?

Elwood: VH1 did a behind-the-scenes show a few days ago that said, due to the specialized software they created for the show, they’ve managed to get production time (from when they start animation to air date),down to about five days.

[next-day bump]

[Comic book guy] Best. Episode. Ever. [/Comic book guy]

Okay, maybe I should wait until I stop laughing until I decide that, but… Damn.

Okay, someone give me a blow-by-blow (pun intended). I haven’t seen South Park in so long…it’s on way too late for me.

I haven’t seen it since “Cartman’s mom is a bitch bitch bitch”, which was in the first or second season. Are there new characters?

A quick synopsis. Queer eye becomes so popular that all of the kids and parents in South Park jump on the bandwagon and become metrosexuals, and run around looking a gay as they can figure out. At first the women love it because they are som clean and concerned about their apperance. Kyle decides he dosen’t want to be metrosexual and goes back to being Kyle. Everybody starts picking on him for acting butch and straight, and Stan, Eric and Kenney refuse to be near him. Meanwhile Mr garrison and slave decide that it sucks if everybody is running around acting gay, because it used to be their defining life style. So Kyle and Mr G and slave independantly go to kill the Queer eye guys for screwing everything up. They meet and start to kill them, but then they find out that the queer eye guys are actually part of a Crabman plot to make everybody weak and prissy so that the Crapmen can take over. Eventually the women decide the men are just annoying and wimpy as hell, so they go and kill the Queer eye guys.

Very funny, and very surreal, and topical like the classic episodes, if this is an indication, this should be a good SP year.

I thought it was pretty funny, but IMHO South Park is starting to depend a little too heavily on the surreal or just plain bizarre elements. I know it’s easier to get away with on an animated show running during late night but it’s almost like, “what kind of alien or mutant will it be this week”. Gnomes stealing underpants? Aliens awarding a “Biggest Douche in the Universe” prize or making a reality show about the Earth? A giant spider running the Catholic Church telling priests to molest boys?
Nope this week it’s Crab people posing as gay guys to turn everyone into pansies. WTF?
I guess one can argue the bizarre-ness is the creators’ way of parodying the seemingly surrealism of real, topical events, but sometimes it feels tacked-on.

The funniest part for me was the Queer Eye theme merged with the, um, CM chant. Good ep (haven’t seen the show for ages), and good animated rendering of the Fab 5.

Actually, I liked the rerun that preceeded it better. I loved the way they called Gary Condit a liar, and O.J. Simpson [what’s-their-name] murderers.

I’ve never watched Queer Eye, so I didn’t “get” the chant; but I liked the “Craaab People! Craaab People!” anyway.

“Crab People! Crab People! Taste like crab, talk like people!”

Weak. The metrosexual jokes (and the reverse homophobia) was funny at first, but not enough to carry the whole show. The jokes were repetitive and predictable, aside from the crab people thing, which was just odd for the sake of being odd and fell flat.

I thought last season was the best in South Park’s illustrious history, and I hope this season’s first episode is not an indication of the inferior quality to come.

Oh yes! That was hilarious.

I smiled a few times during the QEFTSG episode but share av8rmike’s WTF.

Did anyone watch that “Kid Notorious” Robert Evans toon after?
Me no laughy…

This wasn’t my fave ep of South Park by a longshot. I loved the Butters ep before it though.

Kid Notorious was not funny to me at all. I’ll google to find out but until then I’d like it to be known I don’t know who Robert Evans is.