Queer Eye for the not so fashionable gay guy - Would NSF gay men cooperate?

I.m putting this here because (IMO) this is less a question about the QEFTSG show itself and more about general gay/straight attitudes towards fashion assistance, but if mods think otherwise please move to Cafe if you must.

In watching the “Queer Eye For the Straight Guy” show the straight guys put up remarkably little fuss to having their lives turned inside out and upside down, and I must admit as a hetero male I do sometimes find myself sympathizing with the fashion/lifestyle clueless subjects, and thinking “Wow, I didn’t know that!” or hmmm… “catering!” .

Although I think I have reasonable taste, I would probably be just as flatfooted and deferential to the Queer Eye lifestyle gods if they descended on my life.

But, I’m also thinking that not all gay guys are uber-fabulous, fashion-lifestyle mavens, and some might need some QE assistance. Would a typical not-so-fabulous gay guy passively put up with this stripping and re-painting of his lifestyle environment like the hetero guys do, or not?

I’m sure there a plenty of straight guys that wouldn’t want the Queer Eye guys telling them they needed to change things. I don’t see why those same feelings wouldn’t extend to the gay community.

I’ve never seen the show, but is it ever said how long the guys stick with their “makeover”? Are there ever guys that don’t want to get a makeover put on the show? I’ve got to believe that there are guys that are clueless and just fine with it.

If I were the one to be visited I wouldn’t be kicking and screaming, but I doubt I’d continue with whatever changes were made after a sufficient amount of time had passed allowing me to go back to my old comfortable habits.

I am the very model of unfashionability. T-shirts and grubby jeans, unkempt beard, backhair that would have most grizzly bears asking me for grooming tips.

My whole life, I’ve had the option to be fashionable; I could spend hours at the gym, I could spend fortunes on clothes, I could get painfully waxed on a regular basis, without it ever affecting people’s perceptions of me. I hardly worry about people wondering if I’m gay when I’m out with my boyfriend.

To me, the whole purpose of all that fashion and style and couture is just to impress people who are easily impressed by superficial artifice. I just don’t think it’s worth the time or the effort to do so.

And though I think that Jai is cute, and Carson’s a hoot, and Kyan can come over and wash my hair anytime, I would never allow that show into my life. I like my life, I like my house, I even like my back hair.

Some straight guys can’t see their way to being fashionable because they’re afraid that people might see them as gay if they become so. I’ve never had anything standing between me and stylishness except for a stubborn refusal to live for the approval of strangers.

There’s a “reunion” show scheduled for 12/16.

Hmm, let’s see. Get thousands of dollars of free furniture, clothes, products, food and sundries in exchange for hanging out with my sweet, sweet Kyan and the rest for a few days, letting them get rid of stuff I don’t care for in the first place? Where do I sign?

I’d do it–if only for the fab new furniture. I’d be a bit leery having a bunch of guys paw through my wardrobe and bathroom cabinets on television, but I really don’t own anything too shameful.

I wouldn’t be too keen on the new clothes – Carson seems to hussy up his victims in clothes that are way too flashy, for me (yuck, pointy shoes, noisy shirts and textured jeans!) – but hey, it’s free stuff!

If there’s stripping involved, oh yeah. Especially if it’s Thom doing the stripping.

I probably would, becase, as mentioned above, it’s a ton of free shit.

I probably wouldn’t stick with the clothes very long, because I just don’t like the stuff that Carson picks out most of the time. Of course, they probably wouldn’t like my dorky Nintendo shirts from Hot Topic either, so we’re even.

But hey, as long as I get to hang out with Ted.

Aside from the whole “my disgusting room on tv” aspect, I would jump at the chance. Not only does Carson seem to have great taste when he’s not dressing himself, and the room guy is amazing, but being a guy I could potentially get with the adorable-and-talented food guy, whatever the hell his name is.

I’m not exactly a fashion victim, but to have someone dress me like a paper doll in trendy, cool clothes? For free? Hell yeah I’d do it.