Queer Eye Ripoffs

When “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” hit it big the airwaves soon had 90 take-offs with even Chuck Woolery and Bob Eubanks getting jobs again. When “Survivor” was the big summer show there were suddenly 40 different reality shows stopping just short of cannibalism (even PBS got into the act). American Idol begat Fame and other copycat shows. Can Queer Eye be far behind?

My suggestions for the obligatory rip-offs:

‘Diesel Dykes for the Debutante’- five pistol packing Harley ridin’ gals teach a bourgeois housewife to be assertive, rebuild a carburetor, watch hockey with her man, and how to chain her wallet to her belt. Dr. Renee Richards is the host.

“Straight Guys for the Queer Boy”- five straight men help closeted gay guys butch it up for their parents and learn how to carry a conversation about baseball while sounding convincing. They also teach “sometime mustard gets on your shirt… and that’s okay.”

“Drag Queens for the Fag Hag”- faux-girls help a relationship challenged straight girlfriend start lookin’ for love in all the right places and to realize that some men prefer caving to climbing.

“Cinderella for a Day”- five gay guys help a frumpy housewife become a glamourous goddess for a day, but at midnight the stuff gets repossessed.

“Leather Queens for the Nelly Guy” – Five chaps-wearing gay guys teach an effeminate heterosexual man how to butch up his act. Lessons include growing oversized facial hairscapes, intimidating staring, riding a motorcycle, and installing eye bolts in the bedroom. Metrosexuals beware!

“We’re Bi For The Right Guy”: A group of straight guys locked in a room with a gay man and a keg of beer. Bets are taken online as to which straight man will give it up to the gay guy first.

Oh wait, that’s ore of a “Boy Meets Boy” rip=off.

LMAO! I absolutely adore this show, and I’m so sorry that yesterday’s blackout prevented me from seeing them on Leno :frowning: (Never saw Leno yet but I was going to make an exception for these guys; I LOVE Carson and…well all of them.) My daughter saw them on Howard Stern and I’m really pissed I missed that because it would have been funnier.

GREAT TOPIC, GREAT REPLIES. Sorry I can’t do a funny one too, but I’m enjoying yours :slight_smile:

MO HOS FOR THE HOMOS- It’s My Fair Lady meets Taxi Driver when five gay guys help $20 crack whores learn how to dress, express, and finesse their way to success and work their way up to being a $500 per hour escort for senators and oil sheikhs.

Check out "America’s Best Christian Betty Bowers’ take on QE4TSG, incidentally (and know in advance, YES, it is a joke):