Quentin Tarantino to mentor American Idol

Not much to add. should be interesting! (I don’t think it’s an April Fool.)

Tarantino has totally discredited himself in my opinion by associating at all with American Idol. (I think his shtick - which consisted almost entirely of homages to other peoples’ work - jumped the shark with Kill Bill anyway.) Yeah yeah, I know, I’m just a nobody; Tarantino is a big shot director with huge success; who am I to say anything, blah blah. Whatever.

Eh. His whole career is based on ressurecting pop culture kitsch. This time, he’s simply not waiting for the kitsch to die, first.

How is he going to “mentor” American Idol? It’s a TV show…

He’s going to “mentor” the current idol contestants in their choice of songs & how they sing them. (!) Theme for his week is “Songs from the Movies”.
and while I’m finding the idea of this hilarious, I’m not snobby enough to dismiss “Idol” out of hand since I love the music of David Cook, last year’s winner.

Does he know anything about music?

I would say he has a very good knack for picking out music to go with scenes in his movies; that’s one of the ways in which his movies are most creative. In that, he seems to know about music. I don’t know if he knows anything about it from the inside, though, as a musician, producer or anything like that.

Hopefully it will involve getting medieval on the judges with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch. I may have to tune in for that.

You and me both, Johnny Q. I tried to watch one of the shows this year and couldn’t make it through one episode. The “judges” are beyond assholes.

You do know that he’s done this before, like five years ago?

Remember, he’s done this once before – back in Season 3 – and did a pretty good job of it.

Cricetus - No, I didn’t know that! I only paid any attention to this cultural phenomenon show last year (David Cook, remember?). I seem to be making mistakes all over the board. Think I’ll stop posting.

Ok, I was going to ask why people were surprised since it’s already been done, but really, he’s one of the best guest judges they ever had. Very astute, honest observations.

Hey, I was just saying he done it before is all. Didn’t mean to be a dick about it.

You weren’t a dick, crice. I appreciate the information. Ignorance fought and all that.
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