Quesstion about a PS2 controller

I got my son a (used) PS2 for Christmas along with two Final Fantasy games. It has a Dual Shock 2 controller. Of course, I didn’t buy a memory card. :smack:

The controller works fine with another game I got him, but not with either of the Final Fantasy games. The opening screen comes up with “Game Start” selected, but the controller won’t allow him to scroll to any other option. If he selects “Game Start,” he gets the warning that says there’s no memory card yada yada, and it won’t let him select “Play.”

We’re kind of assuming this behavior is related to the lack of memory card (which we will remedy tomorrow), but we’re wondering if there’s something else that we’ve missed in the instructions.

Well, if every button/control-stick/control-pad works in the other game, then it certainly isn’t a controller issue.

Just curious, but which Final Fantasy games are you playing? If they’re on PS2, I’m guessing the memory card thing is the issue. However, they’re original PlayStation games (which work on PS2), you may have to disable the “analog” button in the controller’s center for the control sticks to work properly with original PlayStation games.

Remove the controller from the port. Make sure that all the pins are intact on the controller end, and are not lodged in the port of the PS2. I had to get my PS2 fixed because a pin broke off and lodged in the port.

Also, PS1/PSX games take PS1 memory cards. You can’t use a PS2 card to save your PS1 game, even if it will play on the PS2 console just fine.

If he doesn’t have Final Fantasy Chronicles, consider getting it for him. Or have him buy it himself. Although Chrono Trigger is not LABELLED a Final Fantasy game, it’s made by the same people and most people who like the FF games consider CT to be one of the best games ever made. The PS port (it originally came out for the SNES) has some excellent videos added.

From the description you gave it is definitely not a controller problem. The reason the Final Fantasy games won’t let him start is that without a memory card they’re effectively unplayable.

The problem persisted even with a memory card, so we took the system back to Game Stop and they just replaced the whole thing. Problem solved! Everything’s working as it should now, and my kid is very happy!