Question about a creature in Moby-Dick

What ten-armed creature was mentioned in Moby-Dick? (I was watching Jeopardy; Alex Trebek gave the answer, but someone here was talking loud and I didn’t hear what Trebek said.)

I didn’t see it, but most likely a giant squid.

Yes, squids have eight short arms and two longer tentacles.

I did see the episode, and can verify that the answer was “squid.”

Thanx :slight_smile:

So what is brit, luminous plankton or minute krill?

brit also britt (brĭt)
[ul][li]1. The young of herring and similar fish.[/li][li]2. Minute marine organisms, such as crustaceans of the genus Calanus, that are a major source of food for right whales.[/ul][/li]

Does that include silver fish, those 1.5-cm semi-transparent fish? Love 'em. They sometimes mass so thickly at the surface you can literally scoop them onto your boat.

Sounds like the grunion that show up at the shore in the South Bay in Los Angeles County.