Colossal squid found in Antarctic

And it’s significantly larger than the Giant Squid!

Coolest. Animal. Ever.

Extremely interesting article. Thank you for sharing.

I so want someone to get footage of a Giant Squid or this Colassal Squid alive…these things are so amazing!

Well it looks like calamari is on the menu tonight! :slight_smile:

That is a big, big ass squid.

My goal in life is to take a submersible down and document a living Giant Squid. Some would say that doing webby stuff and various writing/PR for a marketing company isn’t the most likely route to take to achieve said goal, but I don’t let the naysayers get me down. Architeuthis ho! Or Mesonychoteuthis, though it’s harder to say!

And people thought Peter Benchley was being ridiculous.

Thanks, Beadalin. It’s always wonderful to see a completely new species on this mundane Earth, especially one so huge and flambuoyant. The scientist is right: I would not want to meet this sucker in the water.

Good grief! I’d hate to see that while diving or swimming around. But I do like calamari. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll post any nightmares about it. :dubious:

Heh, heh, heh. Reminds me of a buddy of mine. We went to an Italian restaurant one night, and he said he wasn’t going to eat any “wierd stuff” like octopus. He ordered calamari, and stated that he didn’t really know what it was, but he loved it. No, I didn’t tell him what he was eating. Yes, I’ve sent him the link in the OP with mention of dinner. (I know, I’m evil.)

Personally, I want to see footage of one of those suckers attacking a ship! We’ve had all kinds of drawings about it, bad movies about it, but no genuine movies about it! (Doesn’t have to be any people on the ship. I’d be happy just seeing one of those squids wrapping itself around the ship and trying to crack it open.)

Paging Libertarian

Me too! It happened in real life not to long ago (yes, I am a Giant Squid junkie). From that story:

I love that this happened to a group taking part in the Jules Verne Trophy. Heh heh heh.

Another link.

I watched this on the news last night. Those swivelling claws are an amazing adaptation.

I remember a thread a few months ago in which people were debating the eventual winner in a fight between a Kodiak bear and a Great White shark. This would probably happily take them both on at once with one tentacle tied behind its back.

My respect for sperm whales just got a whole lot bigger.

[sperm whale]

“D’ya see this scar…?”

[/sperm whale]

And people wonder why I don’t swim in lakes and oceans.

That was a cool article, but I’d rather not meet one of those beasties any time soon. Unless it’s battered and fried. Yum.

If this exists, can Godzilla be far behind?

Holy crap! And it’s a “juvenile”. :eek: Hate to meet that thing’s Daddy!

Ouch. :smiley:

Big damn thing.

Paging Kirk Douglas!

May I please ask a stupid question?

What do they eat?

Cephalopods, like squid, octopi, and cuttlefish, have very short lifespans. They go five to six years, maximum, (some only last days) and they have to grow to full size in that period. That takes a lot of food.

What is this monster eating?

So are the lighthouses safe or not? Libertarian!?!

I gots ta know.

Anything it wants.

This is too cool. Thanks heaps for the link :smiley: