Colossal squid found in Antarctic

YESSSS!! We all knew many years ago that Archituethus Dux existed!!


Fools! Idiots!

That’s not a squid you dopes!
It’s an Old One.
Crazy fools shouldn’t be down there in Antarctica farting around near the Mountains of Madness.

Calm down, Scylla. I dug out some of my old textbooks from Miskatonic. What we have here is one of the Adequate Old Ones. A minor nuissance at best.

Quoth Scylla:

I will refrain from comment until one of two things happens:

[ol][li]DreadCthulhu comments on this thread.[/li][li]The Mesonychoteuthis endorse Harry Browne.[/li][][size=1][Out of respect for the feelings of UncleBeer, I will end this list with two items* ;)][/ol]

If I may put it so plainly:


Get it away!! Oh dear gods please make it be gone!! It is evil and I know it and that’s all I have to say on the subject.

::extreme shuddering::


Oh come on, Lucki, it’s just a big squid. Suck it up man! :wink:

Hah! You’ll change your tune when it sucks you up!


Has it produced title to of Earth’s real estate on dry land?

Didn’t think so. No need to bother Lib, then.

Many miles away…

What on earth does Libertarian have to do with a colossal squid??:confused:

Have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time?

When I first saw the thread title, I thought it said “Colossal squid found in attic.” For some of us, that might not be too implausible.

I let you puny humans capture that squid; his liberatian views where causing dissent among my servitors, and ending up as human food is the perfect fate for a traitor like that.

I love each and every one of you!

Yea, go giant squid! I love 'em. I’ve always wanted to see one captured on tape, live… it must be magnificent.


Good question

Heaven preserve us… I’ve got serious issues with squid. They’re fascinating, beautiful… and absolutely freakingly terrifying. I’m scared to death of the critters.

I dig the squid. But for “coolest animal ever,” it’s tough to beat the coelocanth. The kooky thing does headstands!

Cheers to the OP. 'Tis wonderful when busy adults – who work all day, pay insurance, do their taxes, maintain their cars, and mow their lawns – express pure joy, like children discovering lightning bugs or learning to ride a bike.

Mmmm, I wonder if I can oder one of these at the sushi bar.

A Spectacular creature! And a damn shame that it’s now dead. :frowning: