Oozing Giant Gelatenous Mass Found Off Chile Is Said To Be...

…an unknown invertabrate life form, not a wandering member of the Bush Administration.


If it isn’t a Giant Sqiud…what is it??? :confused: :eek: :confused: :eek:

Don’t look at me, I’m in Japan right now.

Though highly unlikely my vote goes for giant tumor of some kind. That pretty creepy though.

I hope they can do some DNA analysis on it. At least maybe that’ll help classify it.

I’m thinking it must be some kind of squid like object that we haven’t classified yet.

But imagine things like that floating around in the sea somewhere alive. That would scare a scuba diver or 3 I’d wager…

It could be a huge Tumor. The coast guard apparently saw two floating masses. One was a large humpback whale. If that thing was a tumor or parasite there is going to be a lot more coverage on the subject. My vote is against the giant squid. It’s the wrong color and the wrong shape.

I take pleasure, though not pride, in not being able to recognize rotting whale skin by its smell.

Hillary Clinton’s head, from space?

What? No pictures? Those bastards!

CNN did have a pic up not too long ago, but it’s been taken down. It showed a group of people staring at a large grey lump of something…looked creepy.

My link in the OP showed an image of trhe creature.

But now, it’s gone.

And I can’t find any photos on Google News or Google Image.



I knew I shouldn’t have eaten all that chili.
Maybe it is some sort of giant jelly fish?

Hmm, and I just borrowed Dagon and Other Stories from the library. That’s an odd bit of synchronicity.

What’s that sound at my door?

The window! The window!

Here is a link with the photo. I wonder what the rest of this thing looks like.


It’s a school bus jellyfish. Anyone can see that. :wink:

In similar news, Giant squid might be new species.

This is going to be one of those stories that is never followed up, isn’t it?

Well Fine!!
That’s the last time I sunbathe on a Chilean beach!

::grabbing my tub of sunscreen and leaving::

“As long as a school bus…”
Rethinking my planned beach vacation about right now.

Maybe the whale found with it died of a sinus infection, and this was just the sneeze that did him in.

Yeah, I vote whale booger.