Question about a Ralph Nader quote

I was researching political parties on the internet and I ran accross
several Libertarian websites that say that Ralph Nader made the following
quote, “Is there a number or a mark planned for the hand or forehead in a
new cashless society? Yes, and I have seen the machines that are now ready
to put it into operation.” I attempted to find where and when Nader made
this quote and all I found was a bunch Christian websites using the quote to
support their end times theories. So, did Ralph Nader acutally make such a
quote and if so, where, when and why did he make it? Also, have some Libertarians and Christians taken the quote out of context to support their own beliefs about the world, such as their beliefs in the “New World Order” and “End of the World” stuff?

While the quote is almost certainly false, Nader was a speaker at a conference in 1973 where another speaker was talking about a “cashless society.”

I couln’t find any quotes attributed to Nader. I’ll try to keep searching.

Whoaaa…Libertarians & Christians, all lumped together? That’s quite a mixed bag there, son. :wink:

Putting “devil 666 nader” in your friend and mine, Google, led me to probably the same sites you found, like this:

and this:

Of course, just because someone claims Nader said it doesn’t prove he actually did. And one site may merely be quoting the other; both are radical religious sites (and funny!). We probably need to hear it from Ralph’s bunch to confirm it. Entering “devil OR 666 OR cashless” in Google does NOT return any hits from the official site. So far, it looks like some groups have put words in his mouth to suit their purposes.

I get emails like this all the time from well-meaning friends pushing one political viewpoint or another. Upon research, most of the quotes are bogus or at least highly distorted.

While searching, I ran across a good, well-organized page refuting the claim that supermarket barcodes include 666, the “Mark of the Beast,” certainly a related topic. Anyone who makes this claim is simply ignorant about how barcodes work.

BTW, if no one has yet welcomed you to SDMB, let me be the first. Based on your posts in other threads, I think you would be a good addition to the crowd. I hope you join us more permanently! :slight_smile: