Question about a "rock opera" based on War of the Worlds

Back in the 70’s my then-fiance(now ex-husband) had a record. I don’t know who, or what group, produced it, but it was a sort of rock musical of the War of the Worlds story. There was some spoken dialogue, quotes from the book mostly, IIRC. Two titles I think I remember are “Thunder Child” and “When You’re Not There”. The latter was beautiful and haunting, a man longing for the wife he thought he had lost.

Can anyone help point me to this album, or recall more information about it?

Is this it?

If the link doesn’t work, go to Amazon and search for “Jeff Wayne.”

Here it is

That’s the one! When I clicked on the links and saw the album cover I recognized it, although beforehand I didn’t remember it. One of my title guesses was right, about Thunder Child, but the other must be the “Forever Autumn” track.

God, I love the SDMB. Less than fifteen minutes and I have the answer. And the links showed what seemed to be some other cool music as well.

Wow. I listened to the War of the Worlds rock opera on a camping trip I took when I was nineteen. I’d always wondered where my friend (whom I’ve now lost track of) had found it, and where the recording came from. I too love the SDMB.

(Funny thing is, I was nineteen only four years ago. I guess I had some odd friends.)