The Chances Of Anything Coming From Mars ..

… Are a million to one. But still they come!

Every cloud has a silver lining, and here’s Tom Cruise’s. To coincide with the recently released movie Sony have re-released the seminal Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds. A honking big stab of 1970’s disco meets prog rock meets broadway. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s gone straight into the top 10 in the UK. Currently it’s #3 on Amazon!

If ever proof was needed that popular music goes in cycles here’s one. I loved this record when it first came out, but I’m afraid it was never, ever cool. 1978 was about punk, no-one wanted to admit that they were more interested in a musical about Martian invasion. :slight_smile:

Has anyone splashed out on the 7 (7!) disc collector’s edition? Is it worth it? I’m severely tempted, but need someone to give me an excuse before I can part with £55

It was cool when it came out – our local progressive rock station played it, along with the various New Wave bands of the time.

Forever Autumn is a great Justin Heyward song, though its connection with the story is tenuous.

**In a brave new world…
with just a handful of men…
we’ll start all over again… **

Yeah, that was pretty cool.

I want Forever Autumn played at my funeral. Guess I’d better burn a CD of it and put it with my will. Hmm, what else should I put on that disc? Dust in the Wind, maybe?