Soundtrack for the Apocalypse.

This gives a much better idea to what I was looking for in that other thread.
See waht I meant by O’Fortuna and Duel of the fates now?
PS. A pre-emptive whack accross the back of the head for anyone who posts Barry Manilow, Brittany Spears, N’sync, etc.

Well, maybe not for the boy-bands…

I’ve always thought that they should book Tom Jones for the apocalypse. Maybe it’s just the Tim Burton in me.

If not Tom, then maybe The Birthday Party, Nick Cave’s first band. Fire, chaos, California sliding into the ocean, all to the tune of “Big Jesus Trash Can.”

Somehow, I doubt that this is what you were looking for though.

No, no, I am serious. I mean songs Like “Mars bringer of war”

Now what exactly is wrong with the other thread? It has lots of perfectly respectable suggestions and fine examples of classical music, as well as a healthy variety of film scores. It’s the thread title, isn’t it? You dig this thread title more, right? You’re like the guy who thinks of the killer comeback an hour after that conversation where you really wished you had said that thing to that guy who, well, you know. You’re that guy.

Well, it’s too late. Let this die on the vine. It’s for the best.

Not quite, I started this second thread because in the first one people got the wrong idea about moody. Adagio for strings is not the moody I was aiming for.

Although I do appreciate the other suggestions.

Um…Night on Bald Mountain?

Might I suggest this…?

That looks right on the money.

And I reiterate my Hellbound: Hellraiser II and The Final Conflict soundtrack suggestions, both of which seem even more appropriate now.

I highly recommend Kreator’s Pleasure To Kill, and especially the uplifting little jingle, “Riot of Violence”:

On a field littered with corpses
Was a lonely flower
It reminds the world how it was
But we kicked it away

However, I think everything about Devo’s Beautiful World, from the vaguely melancholy tune to the hilarious, escalating video makes that song the centerpiece of my personal list of Music to Die In Fear To. It is not, however, an awe-inspiring song. That’s the point.

(As an aside, I noticed a K-Mart commercial a while back that actually used part of that Devo song. It makes for a great insider joke, because the commercial pimps the Big K, saying, “it’s a wonderful place”, leaving unspoken the very next line: “for you. That’s about how I see it, too.)

Revolution Number 9, by The Beatles

anything by the doors

yes, even the happy stuff

it just works

or maybe I’ve seen to many 'nam movies

May I also recommend Carcass’ *Symphonies of Sickness?

Sofa King - I’d gladly hang out with you on Reckoning Day. Excellent recommendations !

I’d add to that Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss, The Crown - Deathrace King, and Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast.

That is exactly what I was looking for!

Louis Armstrong, What a Wonderful World.

Alternativly, We’ll Meet Again

Anything by Lustmord. It’s my feeling that when the apocalypse arrives, it’ll be Lovecraftian, and Lustmord fits that bill to a T!

You may want to try this one too. Heavy Classics. (Hopefully the url will work)

Isn´t the soundtrack from Terminator 2 quite good?

Another favourite of mine is the Conan soundtrack.


Faith No More - King for a day.

Don’t let me die with that silly look in my eyes

I’ve always thought that the end of that song is what death sounds like.

Franz Schmidt’s Das Buch mit Sieben Siegeln has some kickass end-o’-the-world music in it, especially the chorus of warriors and women. Unfortunately the work in its entirety is too uneven (IMHO) to justify buying the whole thing; if I could just add that bit to the Y2K CD, I’d be at the record store right now…

Verdi’s Dies Irae is good, and has the added advantage of actually being about the end of the world. Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarasthustra is another, as are Tchaikovsky’s Marche Slave, and Enya’s Cursum Perficio. And, although I’m not usually much of a heavy metal fan, I’d have to say that almost anything by Man of War would work.