Question about a slur... Need answer fast!

Is it illegal in Germany (or anywhere) to say the word kike?

Why? Are you trying to break up a fight, or start one?

Hahaa! Arguing on another board. About the word “nigger”. Someone brought up that kike is illegal but I can’t find a cite for that.

Possibly falls under this from Wikipedia -

Wiki cite

Italics added.

The italic phrase and what follows: huh?

which, ironically, sounds like a racist principle since it’s German and refers to Volk.

This infamous paragraph § 130 of the German penal code, by the way, is a catch-all provision which makes the expression of all kinds of even mildly controversial opinions a potential crime.

And as to the original question, yes, the use of the expression “kike” has the potential to land you in prison (depending on the circumstances and the context).

“[if] the seditious sentiment was expressed in German writ or speech and made accessible in Germany”

“Kike” is not a German word so that would not apply.

Richard Williamson was sentenced in Germany for Volksverhetzung for statements he made in an interview he gave to Swedish television in English (he’s a Holocaust denier).

It would be illegal in Germany if the persons addressed (either as insultees or as a public to be incited to hatred) understood its intended meaning - i.e. if they were native speakers of English or had above average knowledge of English-language slurs - the word certainly is not on the school syllabus, i’d say from most Germans you’d get blank looks.

Only if your knowledge of German and Germany only goes as far as Nazis.


Well, here in the USA, either word might not be illegal ‘per se’, but it could cause you to get your ‘ass, handed to you’, depending on how and where it was used. YMMV :wink:

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So, if I am in Ottumwa Iowa, and say something online that someone in Germany can access…? That italicized portion seems very encompassing, globally even.

Absolutely. This is what happened to neo-Nazi Gary Lauck, an American citizen who distributed Nazi propaganda from his home in the United States (although he also lived in Europe for a while). He was wanted by the German government and when Lauck traveled to Denmark, Germany had him arrested there and he was extradited to Germany where he was tried, sentenced and put into prison.

“Volk” means “people” and normally refers to all human beings. Nazis used to refer to “Das Deutsche Volk”, differentiating between what they considered “German people” and those others they considered inferior.

“Volksverhetzung” means stirring up people to hate others, “incitement of popular hatred”

This guy was deliberately trying to distribute propaganda to Germans though, I take it? That’s a little different from, say, discussing slurs on a message board.

Since you asked about “(or anywhere)”: in South Africa, if you called a specific person a “kike” as a racial slur, you might be guilty of crimen injuria. If you used it in a generally hateful sense you might fall foul of the hate speech provisions of the Equality Act. Merely saying the word, without hateful intent, wouldn’t be illegal.

did you know if someone calls you a kike in the usa you are allowed to kill them? it’s true. years ago, someone accosted henry kissinger in an airport and called him a kike and kissinger nearly beat the man to death. there was a trial and it made famous the legal doctrine of ‘fighting words’ which means words alone can sometimes be legally considered an assault and you defend yourself accordingly. the guy who attacked henry the k was pissed about vietnam btw