Question about Adam-12 and Emergency

Yeah. I know. I watch stupid TV. I have a TV law enforcement question that comes from me watching Adam-12 and Emergency (I LOVE Antenna TV and the Me Too networks!) Considering that I’m someone that bases their American History knowledge on episodes of Bonanza, please excuse me if this is a stupid question. :smiley:

On Adam-12, they have KMA367 (it’s a sticker) on their radio in their car - what does that mean? I assume it’s similar to when on the show Emergency, when they’re called out, the Captain says to dispatch “KMG365.”

Can anyone tell me what those call letters mean?

KMA367 was the FCC designation for LAPD dispatch from the mid-40s until the mid-80s. KMG365 is a base station assigned to LA County Fire.

Side note: The Master speaks.

I used to love Adam-12.

Then what happened?

Emergency was a rip off of Rescue 8 (which was before people were flesh toned).

It went away. Like so many things I’ve cared about.

silenus THANK YOU! Is there anything you do not know? You are my hero! :smiley:

Ethilrist, thanks for the link - I can’t believe the Master even TOUCHED upon a subject I am interested in - I feel so - well - validated!!

johnpost, what is this Rescue 8 you speak of? I am intrigued! When was it on? I will begin to look for it!

Next up - Missy2U will probably have some dumbass Dragnet Questions! I know you’re all looking forward to it! :smiley:

Actually, what’s sad is, I really DO have a Dragnet question. But I’ll save it for tomorrow.

I remember Rescue 8 from its reruns in the late 50s and early 60s. Our local TV station, channel 8, aired it; I liked that the numbers matched. It was similar to Emergency – following an ambulance around LA as they saved lives.

Channel 8 also showed The Buccaneers and Whirlybirds in syndication. All were half-hour dramatic shows.

Bring on the Dragnet questions!

it was a LA county rescue squad show that ran 1958 to 1960. it was before paramedics so the two guys did rescues of people in lifethreatening situations.

Just as long as you’re interested in the facts. :smiley:

Dragnet? Here watch this.

I was a big fan of Emergency! when I was a kid. A few years ago, I picked up the first season of the show on DVD. The pilot for the series was a crossover with Adam-12 (both shows were produced by Jack Webb), and the main plotline of the pilot was the creation of the paramedic group within the LA County fire department.

We watch Emergency! every day.

Someone needs to set this thread up with an IV with d5w and transport to Rampart IMMEDIATELY!

And don’t forget the Ringers lactate!

I haven’t seen that in years, thanks!

I remember as a kid watching the show. I would get excited when the call out tone was really long because I knew it would be a good one.

Robert Fuller from “Emergency!” was a frequent guest on “Hollywood Squares.” He could give some of the most convincing bluff answers.