question about an australian drag queen movie

Title explains it all.
Anyone have the name of the title?
Three drag queens take a road trip to attend a show. They rent a bus and, and by the time they get to the show they do a Tina Turner show.
Any guess to the title?

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Yes! Thank you for jogging these old brain cells into action.
Now if I can only find an online version of it.
Thanks for your quick reply.

It is always my pleasure. Best of luck!

“Rio” by Duran Duran!
I thought I might have this one, but I’m nearly two hours late.
Gay Agent Smith/Elrond!
Gay Guy Pierce! (Leonard?)
Transexual General Zod!
I love this movie, I first watched it on a bus trip. (Same trip we watched Speed, don’t get me started.)
It won my award for “Best Use of a Venessa Williams Song in a Feature Film.”

One of my favorite soundtracks ever! I like to put it on when one of my opera and classical loving friends comes over!

Agent Mitzi Elrond!

Interesting bus-themed double feature.