Question about AOL IM

I usualy use ICQ. I signed on to IM recently because I have a friend who uses it, so I’m not real familiar with it.My question: Is there a “history” button. On ICQ you can view the text of your conversations with any user using the history option. My friend sent me his phone #, and not having a pen, I let it scroll by. When I went to find it, I couldn’t find a history option or anything similsr. Will I have to get it again? Or am I missing something obvious. ( possible…hell, likely):confused:

Nope, sorry, no history in AIM. I use both. I wish they would integrate the best features of both. I used to be a firm believer in ICQ, but AIM makes conversations so much smoother. It’s too bad someone can’t figure out something in between.

I’ve been chatting with a few friends on AIM, and I hate to tell you, but as far as I’ve been able to find out, once you close the chat, you’ve lost it. There is no ‘history’ like there is on ICQ. What I’ve done when there was something I wanted to remember, but didn’t get it written down, is to print out a copy of the chat. You have to do it before you close it, but the other person doesn’t have to be still on there. Go to the top of the chat screen, and click on file, and click on print. Done. Hope this helps you out for the next time, Dave.

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I just saw Demo’s post. He beat me to it! I agree, wish we could get the best of both!

Umm… I only know a little 'bout ICQ, but I’m going to ask what originally popped into my head…

Dave, are you closing the dialogue box each time you post a message to AIM?

For AIM, you leave the window open, and each subsequent messages take a format like this:

Babe1: Hey, Babe2.
Babe2: Hey, Babe1.
Babe1: Isn’t that SPOOFE guy amazing?
Babe2: Oh, yeah, the hottest guy on SDMB.

And then you just scroll up along the text box to see what’s been said previously. And you can save your AIM conversations (I have something like 170 saved…) for review later.

Yeah, saving the text is not difficult, but once you close the window, that’s it. Kaput. If you’re really interested in keeping old conversations, though, my friend had an application called PowerAIM which he said auto-saved them. I think it probably had a few similar options from ICQ that some of you would be interseted in. I can look into it more if you like.

well I dl’ed PowerAim and the crack and I gotta say, it sucks. I can’t see any use to having this program whatsoever. it squished my contact list so I can only see one person online and have to scroll for the others. It would be much easier just to save your chat logs, IMHO.

I admit that it was irresponsible of me to endorse a program I hadn’t tried out myself. Having said that, feeling ashamed, I went and downloaded it too, from, and installed it, and I don’t see what your problem with it is. It would be easier just to save your logs. That I 100% agree with. But if, say, you’re extremely forgetful, and you tend to say some important stuff in IM conversations that you keep losing, and you’ve got 3 free Megabytes burning a hole on your hard drive, I don’t think there’s any harm. I do rather like the fact that all the IM windows are tabbed together - something I miss from my days of mIRC; useful when you’re talking to so many people that the buttons on your taskbar are not much wider than squares. So, while I don’t think it sucks, I’m going to uninstall it, because I don’t like keeping Shareware around that I have no intention of registering (not that I don’t do it sometimes), and it’s just not my cup of tea.