ICQ Logs from IM apps

Can someone explain how to locate and edit/remove ICQ logs from a PC? I am using Microsoft’s IM application…



Umm… ICQ is a communication program, currently owned by (i believe) AOL.

Microsoft IM is an different communications program, from of course Microsoft.

I would therefore be at a bit of a loss to understand how, if you use Microsoft’s IM application, you would have ICQ logs to edit or remove in the first place???

ICQ keeps it’s log in its own internal database and therefor you can use ICQ’s history features to edit things from the history or delete the entire thing.

I’m not sure what, if any, logs Microsoft’s IM application keeps. I don’t believe it stores the contents of chat session unless you specifically act to save it.

I hope that helps and look forward to further clarification.


OK - I will attempt to clarify:

I am using MS Instant Messenger and am concerned that the conversations I am having via this tool are being recorded/stored somewhere on my machine. My question is: Is this the case, and if so, how can I edit/erase the files in question.


Conversations using MS Messenger are only recorded if you click “File, Save As…” There are no automatic recording in MS Messenger.

The ICQ log you are talking about only logs ICQ messages. They do not record over any other program.

Thanks for clearing this up. I guess the only person I have to worry about now is the one I’m having a conversation with.

If I understand correctly, if I use AOL’s IM, there would be a record of my chat session stored somewhere on my machine - is this correct? If so, why would anyone want to use their tool?

Again, thank you for clearing this issue up for me.

I don’t think you have it straight yet. ICQ is owned by AOL, but it is an entirely seperate application from AOL’s Instant Messenger. And Netscape’s IM which is owned by AOL and is the same as AOL’s IM but not ICQ. And neither of these have anything to do with Microsoft’s IM.

ICQ records a history file of everything you do while using it. The chat sessions, downloaded files, URLs, etc. You can clear these out at anytime using menu functions.

IM temporarily records (any of them, I think) the chat conversations but doesn’t permanently save it unless you use the File > Save As menu selection.

Why anyone would use them? I personally like having the history of chat conversations stored. I use ICQ with someone almost every night. She sometimes passes along information that when I notoriously forget, I can scroll back thru the history and find. I guess it is different if you are trying to hide the fact that you are chatting with someone in the first place.