Question about bankruptcy court

No I am not asking for legal advice. I had a couple questions that came up when dealing with another issue. I think my questions are general enough for GQ

I am suing my ex-landlord for return of my security deposit in small claims. He had or has a Chapter 11 in Bankruptcy Court here in Denver.

  1. What if any of the documents in his case are public records? He is using a private PO Box as his mailing address (as best I can figure out, he lists it as his mailing address in his BC case too). Would it be possible to get documents that show his physical address and property holdings (to file a lien) or are those documents considered private?

  2. It has been 2.5 years since he filed and I see no indicator that it is over. Can a Chapter 11 last that long?

  3. Assuming a bankruptcy case is ongoing and a new creditor (such as a person with a judgement) enters the picture. Does that new creditor have to go through the Bankruptcy Court at all? Can they if they want?

I encourage you to contact the court there in Denver directly and ask them:

From my own limited bankruptcy experience; YMMV:

  1. Everything in the case is a matter of public record, unless it was sealed by the court for some particular reason, which is not all that often done.

  2. That is longer than most Chapt. 11 cases drag out here.

  3. “New” creditors, undisclosed by the person seeking bankruptcy, may seek to intervene at any time while the case is still open.

Thanks. I just wanted some ideas of what to expect before I run down the street for the afternoon.

Are trust funds part of the bankrupt’s estate, or are they outside of bankruptcy? Is a rent deposit a trust fund or just an advance payment that is refundable on meeting certain conditions? I have no idea, but I’m curious to know.