Question about cats

I have a few friends that claim if you split a cat’s tongue down the middle, that when it tries to meow it will be saying hello. I think this is totally false but what are your opinions?

My opinion is if you have friends who think splitting a cat’s tongue down the middle is okay, it’s time to get new friends. And change your locks. And your phone number.

The most ethical way to test this hypothesis is to split your own tongue down the middle, and attempt to say “hello.” If it comes out as “meow,” there you go.

That is a really stupid and sick question. Did you honestly raise it as a serious question, or are you trolling?

Your friends are either A) not very smart, or B) pulling your leg.

Never mind.

Thirsty Mind, rehydrate your brain.

Splitting the cat’s tongue will have no effect on the quality of the meow, since cats do not use their tongues to meow.


Get near my cat’s tongue and she’ll scratch your eyes out…


I hope no one would seriously consider mutilating an animal but they possibly got the idea from Tolkien.
IIRC, and it’s been about 22 years since I’ve read the book, in The Hobbit a crow was able to converse with Bilbo up near the entrance to Smaug’s lair because the crow’s tongue was split.

No, the crow was able to converse with Bilbo because it’s a crow. Crows can talk.

no Ravens can talk… crows only caw.

yes I KNOW ravens are a TYPE of crow but not just a CROW. Damnit Chronos… just believe me and dont go looking shit up.

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