question about electromagnetic versus gravitational fields

okay, so I finally tonight was able to go from the ball-bearing-on-rubber-sheet analogy to full-fledged four dimensions. gravity shall soon be mine!

however, i did it by thinking about electromagnetic fields. imagining all points as being arrows pointing in a certain direction, with different magnitudes.

So that got me to thinking, what of the main difference between gravity and electromagnetism? The fact that on a plot, the latter can have a value of zero, or negative.

And that got me to thinking about magnetic monopoles, and negative gravity, and how neither exist.

What if there is a cosmological constant (K), and depending on expansion rate of the space in a certain area of the universe, gravtiy has postive or negative attributes.

say, if K - expansion > 0, gravity is as we know it. Less than, and it’s a positive force.

Basically, since electromagnetism works on such a smaller scale than gravity, we can notice all the kinks and quirks of both positive and negative. Is the magnitude difference of gravity versus electromagnetism great enough that we simply may not have observed its kinks and quirks?

This isn’t what Einstein’s cosmological constant was about, is it? Cuz I haven’t read up on that in years, and I don’t want to have wasted some thinking time.

c’mon. nobody?

I read an article in Scientific American that mentioned negative pressure and negative gravity. I bought the issue in December, so it might have been a January or February issue; you never know with zany magazine numbering schemes.

Sorry I retained very little of the article; an airport isn’t exactly the most conducive locale for reading. You can try doing web searches on the word “quintessence,” that may turn up something.