Question About Firefox 0.8

I’ve been using Firefox 0.8 for about three weeks now, and it has a behaviour that’s getting more annoying by the day:

I’m browsing one of the forums in SDMB, and I click on one of the threads. I read the thread, and when finished, I click on the “back” button to return to the original forum. I’m always returned to the top of the forum, not to the location of the thread that I just read, as IE would do. Which means I have to scroll, scroll, scroll down to where I was before.

This doesn’t happen universally as there are some sites that does return me to the same location as before, but the SDMB is one of my “most visited” sites, and the constant scrolling is getting on my nerves.

Is there a user setting on the board that can prevent this (I can’t find anything in User CP), or is there a Firefox extension that can help?

I know what you mean, but haven’t heard of any extensions that remedy this. I avoid the problem by clicking thread titles with the mouse wheel (that’s a ctrl click for those without) to open them in new tabs.

Hope that’s of some help.


Thanks Citrus,

Yeah, that works - it’ll take some getting used to…

Curious why this behavior is related to just some sites and not all.

Thanks for the tip.

The same thing happens when browsing eBay. I have finally become accustomed to opening threads in a new tab and in fact find it more convenient.

Why browse that way? Far better to open the thread in a new tab and then when you return to the forum page tab you are exactly where you left it. And your browser doesn’t need to go re-read things from the cache. This is the beauty of tabbed browsing.

And there’s a newer Firefox release. I’m using 0.9.

Though some might tell you that 0.8 is better, and a more stable release of 0.9 is pending. :wink:

I read about Firefox on this board before I switched, and I heard about problems with 0.9 - the general consensus was that 0.8 was more stable.

Yeah, browsing with tabs is a powerful feature, but I’ve been using IE for so long that the behavior I complained about is hard to get past…

Not that 0.9.2 would likely solve that issue, but is there a reason you are using .8? I’m on 0.9.2, and it seems utterly stable to me. (Home use, of course.)

I’m amazed when I hear of people who don’t know about the wheel-click. It’s half the reason I use Firefox.
Hmmmmm… Tabbed browsing.

There’s even an extention out there that will save all your tabs when you close the browser, and open them again when you open the program agan. At that point, it’s almost the perfect browser. Opera will remember the tabs even after a crash.

I’ve personally been crashing 9.2 a lot recently by runnng Quicktime videos in browser windows.

OK, this is what I’m missing - a wheel click does nothing for me. I have a Logitech wireless, and although I can reassign different actions to the wheel, Control Click is not listed as one of actions. Or is this called something else by Logitech?

I’m using 0.9.2 and am not having any problems. It’s seems completely stable, certainly as stable as Internet Explorer.

“As stable as Internet Explorer” is a funny statement. :smiley: I’ve tried it, though, and that seems to be true.

Fritz: Control click isn’t really the name for the function, but that is how youj can substitute it if your mousewheel doesn’t click. I had a Dell mouse with a very easy-to-press wheel, but this new wireless optical one doesn’t obey as well. Anyway, if you press and hold ctrl, click a link, and release it, the link will open in a new tab.


I should have said, “Firefox 0.9.2 seems stable, certainly more stable the Internet Explorer.”

Thanks Citrus.

Control Click does work as you say - it’s just that I have to use the keyboard when browsing - not something that I had to do when using IE. Just a little bit inconvenient.

It’s too bad that my scroll wheel doesn’t work as other scroll wheels do…perhaps someone that also has a Logitech wireless will come along and offer a suggestion.

I too switched to Firefox 0.9.2, mainly because I get almost no pop up ads, and much less spyware on my computer than with Internet Explorer.

My only gripe is that sometimes I went to certain web pages that played sounds or music when I used IE, but with Firefox, I hear nothing.

This is a known bug: If you’d like to see it get fixed sooner, register (just email is enough) and vote for it.