Question about first appearance of "Do not feed the trolls."


Can anyone tell me and/or cite the earliest known use or appearance of the term “Do not feed the troll/s”?

A cursory google search provides information about the evolution of the term “troll,” but no info about when that specific phrase first appeared.

I do know that Weird Al used the phrase in a 1999 song, “All About the Pentiums.” [“I got me a hundred gigabytes of RAM. I never feed trolls and I don’t read spam.”]



This is circa 1994, I think:

It references the saying.

Thanks for that. I wonder if we could find an earlier and/or more specific citation.

This doesn’t really help to answer your question, but FWIW, this Staff Report from 2000 indicates that DNFTT was used here on the SDMB at that time.

It’s referenced in The Secret of Monkey Island from 1990.