Question about First DopeFest

More to the point, when and where the heck was it?

This is in relation to another thread, and I have spent a good deal of time searching for the answer, but to no avail. Alas, it is late and I’m tired so I figured I could get the answer from a fellow doper.

Please help!!!

I think it was us, but I was hoofed, ask VB, unclebeer, or uke.

It was November 1999, I just asked VB, at the Birds Nest.
Present were

Ukelele Ike

Maybe more, not sure, as I said, we had a few:)

Umm… First large one of the web-based boards, maybe. I know there were some smaller ones before, and that the AOL folks got together from time to time.

Lemme shoot this one over to MPSIMS and see what they have to say.

Some of the fests.

Manny’s being too goddam self-effacing. Somebody take his temperature, it’s not like him at all.

The first post-move to Net Dopefest was a five-fer of NYCers in midtown Manhattan in September of 1999. Present were (alphabetically)

Ukulele Ike

Well, a “gathering,” anyway. How many Dopers constitutes a Fest?

The AOL folks, I couldn’t tell you.

Gatherings of two have been labeled as DopeFests without protest.

The first meeting of web Dopers was posted about on 10-14-99 in How Cool Is That? by ChrisCTP about her meeting with boli.

That set off a flurry of get together organizational threads that resulted in New York meeting on 10-18-99, Chicago and Houston both meeting in early November. I seem to remember a St. Louis meeting being arranged where several participants showed up but never managed to hook up with each other at the bar. Our (Houston) first meeting of more than two (Ayesha, LIONsob, Sealemon88 and beatle) had a slight problem in that we’d agreed to meet in the bar at Cafe Adobe and no one realized it had two bars.

My first meeting with another Doper was 10-30-99 when I met Cessandra at Rocky Horror.

I seem to vaguley recall Uke and Eve trying to set up a meeting of the two of them that for some reason didn’t go.


Thank you all very much for the input, it is very, very much appriciated.

and thank you Manny for bumping this over to the right forum. I was unsure as to where to put it.