question about guest status

When I look at old threads, I"m accustomed to see old timers who’ve lapsed membership listed as guests. Sometimes it’s kinda fun to look at old threads and see how many banned folks are there and so on.
but recent events have invoked the name of “jessica lynch”, so, I did a search and came up with this thread

Imagine, if you will, my surprise at seeing Persephone as a member, yet folks know are still alive but not re-upped, are listed as guest.
whats up w/ that? (Not that I object to her memory being honored as being listed as “member” vs. “guest”).

We closed her account manually after she passed away. When we did this her registration was not automatically swept out of the system after her subscription expired; it’s perhaps a bug in the system that it overlooks such manual moves.

Under the circumstances I’m fine with leaving her registration right where it is and I hope everyone else is too, god rest her.

I am also curious as to how come the post counts of previous members who are no longer here get removed? We see post count totals for banned members, why not former members?

When a subscription expires the registration moves out of the member database and gets plunked into the Guest bin. We do not show post counts on Guest accounts; post counts are a perk of membership.

Banned registrations are in another bin altogether. I should probably remove the post count from those just to be consistent but who really cares about those things?