Question about James Bond (and maybe an idea for a movie)

Okay, even though JB has been a cloud of ionized particles dancing the Frug since 1967, let’s entertain the notion that MI6 is still sending him on missions to far-flung corners of the world. To the best of my knowledge, he drives a really cool spy car on each of these missions (usually an Aston Martin, I believe). How does he get to said far-flung corners? Does he actually drive the Aston Martin from Q’s Automotive Emporium to Malaysia? Or does he fly there and pick up the keys from the counter of whatever rental agency paid for product placement for that mission? Or does he have the car stored in the baggage compartment, (a la Bill Bixby’s private jet and car in The Magician)?*

Assuming he picks the car up when his flight lands, has there ever been a film about the poor schlub who did get struck driving the car to Malaysia? It could be a fun thing, like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.

*(Seperate question: Did Bill Bixby fly his own jet, or did he have a pilot?)

In answer to your second Q, he had a pilot, until he moved into the Magic Castle.

In the first, Q usually ships it, or brings it personally (PAY ATTENTION Double-Oh Seven!). I assume he uses military airplanes.

In Goldfinger, the first film in which the iconic Aston Martin DB-5 appears, he transports it to Europe on a cargo airliner while following the eponymous villain. In The Spy Who Loves Me and Tomorrow Never Dies, the Lotus Esprit and BMW 7 Series are personally delivered by Major Boothroyd (“Q”) as part of the gadget outlay sceen. How he gets a BMW Z3 roadster to Cuba in Goldeneye or the Aston Martin Vantage from the UK to Czechoslovakia quickly in The Living Daylights is anyone’s guess, and the jet boat that turns into a glider and the canal boat that converts to a hovercraft flying through St. Marks Square (cue pigeon double take) in Moonraker seems to indicate that maybe these are just stored at the ready in secret warehouse facilities around the world for use. For the most part, there appears to be a massive spy technology R&D effort and a global infrastructure to deliver it to wherever it is needed on short notice, with the head of Q Branch at Bond’s beck and call. It must be a really annoying job, especially since Bond probably fails to include their disposition in his expense reports or provide receipts.

As a comic webseries it might work but I think at a full length feature it would just be more of, “…and this fucking guy…” over and over as tech branch has to anticipate what their elite spy branches’ next needs are going to be. Will it be a bulletproof tactical turtleneck with chameleon-like chromatosphores, a sniper rifle with genetic sequencing that can only be fired by the registered user, or “superblood” that can do anything needed by the plot, including not work when it is inconvenient? I know, a jetpack that grows eight legs and turns into a spider-like climbing device.


We can only hope.
NSFW language.

I imagine the Royal Navy transports vehicles for him.

I thought the scene with the Z3 was in Florida. Bond is driving the car with Natalya, when Jack Wade shows up in a small airplane. Wade drives off in the car and Bond and Natalya then fly to Cuba. At least that’s how I always thought it went.

Another confusing one is Die Another Day. Q (John Cleese this time) shows Bond the gadget car in London, and next thing you know Bond is arriving with it at the ice hotel in Iceland.

So, then that begs the question of how Wade shows up in Cuba (with a squad of Marines!) in the final scene. Really, you just can’t ask these questions of a Bond film. Even if you ignore Moonraker, with its unkillable henchman, secret South American multipad shuttle launch facility, and giant yet invisible orbiting space station as terminally absurd, so much of the films make no sense logistically and have Bond being supplied whatever is needed to support being able to film the movie with n exotic, far-flung backdrops (or Las Vegas, in the über-tacky Diamonds Are Forever).


Wade was the one who told Bond that the villain’s base was in Cuba, so he knew where to find Bond. And the Marines have two helicopters, so he probably just flew there with them.

The big problem I have with that scene is that Bond and Natalya think they’re all alone, until the Marines pop up out of foxholes and the helicopters descend into the frame of the movie. Yes, the helicopters were invisible because they were off the edge of the screen.

It would be impossible to build a base like that, but that kind of thing is part of the world of the Bond films. What I can’t figure out is how Drax gets people to go along with his plan to wipe out all human life on Earth. Maybe a lot of the launch technicians and such didn’t know about that part of the plan, but some people must have. There are the two guys in Italy who are assembling the nerve gas satellites. When one of the vials breaks, they panic. Why? It’s clear they knew what they were building; those two guys were dead in a few days, anyway.

The more important question is, what the hell were the marines doing, sneaking up in their ghillie suits? Did they ever actually plan to do anything? Bond had it all wrapped up, and these idjits are still crawling across a grass filed miles from the antenna complex. “Can you do me a favor - kill a badguy on your way out? Thanks!”

With every launch perfect. Not a bad o-ring or falling insulation in the entire fleet.

Though i did love the space marines (SPAAAAACCEE FOOOOORRRRCCCEE!). Wonder whatever happened to them.

Austin Powers ruined DAF for me. I always want to add “and a factory in Chicago that makes miniature models of factories” to the miniature model of the WW empire.