Question about my school debt

Alirght let me start from the begining. Basically i went to medical school that i attended through the whole program. but i never got appproved from the bank that i got a loan and the school let me continue. The School let me borrow there loan from them personally, but it was somthing that nevered really happens in this school so i considered one of those special cases. later on they withdrew me from that school because i had “false info”. about me being independent when i really dont know my parents info and blah blah. really I dont know what that info is so i wasnt lying but i couldnt back up that i was independent, if though i had letters from doctors soical workers blah blah and they wouldnt let me back in. so months later they tried to hit me with this 21,000 debt and now i dont know what to do. i never got the degree i was sopose to get cuz they screwed me about that so i dont have the money. How will this affect me if i try to go to another trade or medical school or just for future reference???

Your runon sentence structure, combined with multiple thoughts presented, is confusing to me. From what I can glean, you probably need to speak with a school counselor, a lawyer, or both.

Huh? Even 30 years ago, getting into med school meant you were in the top five percent of your class. I hope this explanation is not what passes for coherence and logic and language skills in today’s med school applicants.

Most schools don’t care whether your parents are paying your rent or kicked you out of the house at 14. Unless you file the proper papers showing nonsupport, their income must be considered in all applications for loans. I assume this is why you were refused at the bank and again at the school itself now.

A word about life - playing dumb and ignoring procedures may have worked in grade school, but in the real world you are better off working with the system as it is instead of being obstinately blind. If there is a process for determining that your parents are alienated and therefore not to be counted as support - follow it. If you ignored policy until it was too late, very few will have sympathy for you.

Look i dont know about my english yes it probably sucks, and no im not trying to cheat the fucking system. I just got withdrew and continued on with my life. I was actually one of the few that got a high GPA. but i dont know anything about these schools. Yes im young, seeking for some guideness. I just went to become a MA and never got the diploma unfortunatly, i just see as it was not meant to be for me. But i trying to find a solution to this mess that im in. like what happens if i cant start making payments?. Will they send me to collections or what? If i never got a loan from the bank how badly can it ruin my credit if i never borrowed money in the first place. How would this situation be handled by the school. School doesnt call me back, School pushes me away when i visit, im lost.

MA from medical school? “got withdrew” or “seeking for some guideness” ??? Your English are too awfuls to be foreign. If this is what passes for graduate students, you don’t want accreditation from them.

Some advice in case you are real… If it was a real legal student loan, as defined by the law on student loans (I think it means a government sponsored student loan from a bank) then current law means even under bankruptcy you cannot shed it. If it was just a school stupid enough to lend you money ,bankruptcy might absolve this loan. Seek professional help to determine what your options are.

If you owe them money, the school will not give other schools your transcripts. If you can persuade another school to grant you credit for courses without an official transcript and confirmation from the first school, then your language skills are indeed good. The new school may demand tuition paid up front, however… :slight_smile:

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For what? The OP may not be as understandable as we’d hope, but I don’t think he is trying to to anything illegal.

To answer the OP, I go with what md2000 said. You don’t have to worry about the banks, because they never lent you anything. You do owe money to the school, and there is no way you can escape that legally or ethically. But it sounds like your case is such an unusual one, that the school will never get around to asking you for the money, and I think you have a good chance that they won’t report you to the credit collections agencies either. They probably won’t issue a transcript to other schools until you have paid them, but who knows?

For being a troll? I highly doubt the OP truly graduated with an undergraduate degree, scored high enough on the MCAT, and was accepted into any medical school in the US, with the grammar and communication skills displayed in the OP.

There was a spam post that has been removed.

The OP hasn’t clarified this yet, but I’ll bet that he/she was attending a proprietary trade school to become a medical assistant (instead of a medical school that one would attend after undergraduate school with the intention of becoming a medical doctor). That might explain the level of the grammar and communication skills displayed. And some of these schools are notorious for taking students mostly so that they can get the government loan money and with regard for whether the students ever graduate. This of course leaves the students without educational qualification but with a pile of debt.

I’m betting that should read: … and without regard for whether the students ever graduate.

Yes, sorry. I was writing too quickly.

^^^This makes more sense.

You mentioned that you borrowed money from the school. Did you sign a promissory note, or any other document where you said you’d pay them back $x under some terms?

If so, you need to get a copy of that note, and figure out what’s on it. Maybe take it to a lawyer or debt counselor.

If you can’t find it, or if they won’t give it to you, I’d start by writing a letter to whoever is sending you the bill and telling them to provide evidence that you owe them money.

Yep, sounds like a for-profit school that has neither prerequisites nor scruples. I think the OP got shined on and then screwed.

That’s what it sounds like. I don’t know of any regular college or university that directly finances education.

And it also sounds like the guidelines said that the OP should be considered a dependent student, and he felt that he was independent. Instead of following the procedures or biting the bullet, it looks like he just said “Fuck it” and lied on the form. Now the school has found out about it.

And being a for profit school, they would rather just take the money, which I’m sure the contract allows, instead of trying to work things out for the student.

Bingo. I just now noticed in his second post, where he wrote, “I just went to become a MA”

Here - Yes it’s a debt that will hit your credit.