Question about New York State Parking Permit for People with Disabilities

Long shot, but I’m wondering if there’s anyone here who knows anything about New York City disabled parking permits.

Here’s my situation. My father is somewhat disabled. He cannot walk very well at all, and in any case can’t walk further than, say, half a block.

He does not drive. He has never had a driver’s license, or owned a car.

So when he needs to go somewhere by car, I drive him. I have no disabilities.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to get the special parking permit for persons with disabilities for use when I’m driving him around. I would not, of course, use it at any other times.

Anyone know anything about this? I haven’t been able to find anything online that tells me one way or another.

Here’s the law. Most importantly:

It sounds like the italicized part would apply: your father can apply for the permit and if he gets it, you can drive him.

I don’t know an answer, but your father should speak to his doctor. Disability has to be certified by a physician, so hos doctor’s office likely has experience with the issue.

Your doctor may also know.

I saw that (thanks, though!). The NYC permit (as opposed to the state permit) seems to have much more restrictive requirements, and I couldn’t quite figure out if we could get one for him for use in a car that isn’t his. And the documentation required is pretty intense.

And the city permit is really the one I want, not the state permit – it allows parking on the street in some no-parking zones (as opposed to just the set-aside slots in parking lots and so on). That would be just what I need for his doctor’s appointments and so on.

NYS permits are not good for NYC street parking. For that, you need a NYC permit, which also does not require that he disabled person have a drivers license or own a car ( and allows multiple vehicles to be associated with it) . It’s best to get both if he qualifies for both as the rules are different. For example, the NYC placard allows you to park where the signs say " No parking" " “No standing except trucks loading and unloading” and to park at meters without payment or worrying about time limits while the state hangtag only allows you to park at marked disabled spaces - which really only exist in parking lots in NYC.

missed the window- I know that the disabled person need not own a car because both of my parents have had permits while not owning a car. While my father was alive, my mother still drove and owned a car- he had the permit, but she owned the car. And now my mother is disabled and doesn’t own a car- she still has a permit that lists her children’s cars.

OK, excellent – that’s exactly what I needed to know. And glad to hear about the multiple cars – he could list my car, and my brothers’ cars as well.