Question about "no homework" policy in Factual Questions, and how to contact a mod

Just for fun, I’ve been working my way through an old college textbook for vector mechanics. I’m stuck on one of the problems, and would like to post a thread asking for help. Would that run afoul of the “no homework questions” policy? It is homework of a sort, but not for any formal class.

Also. I was going to send this question by PM to a mod, but in the new software (can it still be called new at this point?) I can’t find any means to do that. Is there some way to contact a mod for a particular forum, other than flagging a post?

you can contact all the mods with @moderators
If you want to contact the mods of a particular forum, you need to look up who they are and then @name them.

I’ll let a more experienced mod answer your homework problem.

First, it’s not really a homework problem if you’re just doing this for fun. Second, I think the no homework policy has been relaxed or removed.

Here’s the most recent clarification I could find on the “no homework” policy:

From this 2018 thread:

The “no homers” policy, on the other hand, is strictly enforced.

No. It would not run afoul of the “no homework” policy. The “no homework” rule is basically don’t ask us to do your work for you. We used to have a problem with lazy students posting their homework here, but that hasn’t been an issue in a long time.

If you post a question out of the textbook, you are probably going to want to explicitly say in the post that this isn’t homework so that everyone knows the context.

You wouldn’t be the first person to pick up an old textbook and post a question about it. We encourage these types of posts.

Probably redundant since I’ve already replied to the question itself, but yeah, you’re fine here.