Question about opening this file

I have downloaded an older version of Jasc PSP12(Paint Shop Pro 12 (326 MB) ) from this site:

Download Old Versions of Paint Shop Pro for Windows -

I haven’t opened it yet because it has a “does not have a valid digital signature” warning. I use WOT and it got a very good rating. I am wondering if I should delete the whole thing without opening or can I open in a folder and be safe and so I can scan it for viruses. What’s up?

The “digital signature warning” doesn’t necessarily mean that the file has a virus, but only that there’s no valid signature included that your version of Windows trusts. But that’s no surprise, given the fact that it’s an old version of the software you’ve tried to install. Since the downloaded file is a single executable, you don’t have to unpack it to scan for viruses, every anti virus software nowadays should be able to scan a compressed file by right-clicking and choosing something like “Scan file for viruses” or “Scan with [name of anti virus]”. If you do that and your anti virus doesn’t report anything malicious, you should be safe.

(Btw., the site you’ve downloaded the file from doesn’t seem fishy to me, but that’s just my gut feeling from superficially checking it out.)

EDIT: What’s WOT?

WOT stands for “Web OF Trust” and it is a Firefox add on. If you are about to go on a questionable or dangerous site, it warns you by having a totally black screen pop up with giant letters, “WOT” in the middle of the screen. It has a color bar that goes from dark green to bright red with different shades of both inbetween. Green is good and red is bad.

JASC sold out to Corel with PSP X. The last good version of JASC was version 8.10. Version 9 was crap. Perhaps by then they knew the good old days were behind them. The acquisition of PSP made no sense because Corel had PhotoImpact, a quality program at the time. Both Corel PSP and Corel PhotoImpact are nothing like they used to be.

I suggest using v8.10. If you want something better, try Gimp, Photoshop Elements or Photoshop.