Question about police detectives allowable behavior ("L&O SVU" show vs real life)

On “Law and Order SVU” last night the detectives came into a suspect’s (who was an ex-felon) place of work and started loudly and aggressively following him around accusing him of rape and other bad stuff in front of numerous co-workers.

Is this allowed in real life? Can police detectives really get away with this kind of harassing behavior toward a suspect at a persons place of work?

IANAL, but I suspect that if this happened in real life, then the suspect could hit the cops with one hell of a harassment lawsuit, plus one for defamation of character.

Well, except Diceman, if the guy was guilty the defamation suit would be moot. (It’s not defamation if it’s true.)

Actually, I’m inclined to think if it was true the harassment suit would be moot as well.