Question about Prepaid Legal Services

I encountered this organization, which advertises that it provides discounted legal services to its clients–kind of a legal-services version of the Auto Club.
A member of the Toastmasters group I am in, drove me to a meeting of theirs near LAX; apparently they’re having a membership drive. I didn’t know what it was about until I got there.
They had appeared at a couple of job fairs I attended. The tone of their meetings, however, resembles the most frenetic elements of diverse pyramid schemes–at least that was my impression.
I am not thrilled by their promises of high income; so I am asking if perhaps any of the Teeming Millionis have encountered PPLS themselves and know what I would be getting myself involved with.

In my jurisdiction, it covers basic advice, which a person can usually get for free anyway without such a program; initial inquiry or demand letters, which usually a person can not get for free but usually do not cost much; wills and POAs which a person would not otherwise get but usually do not cost much; and a significant discount off of retained services, which a person would not otherwise get (this last one is worth looking at, depending on your lifestyle, circumstances, and insurances).

From the client’s side, it simplifies shopping for a lawyer, and offers a discount if you end up in something serious.

From the lawyer’s side, it brings in potential clients.

Personally, I have not signed up for it, for I have no particular urge to significantly cut my already reasonable fees on major cases, and I don’t begrudge giving out a bit of free advice or the occasional letter to folks who need only a bit of help.