Question about Report Bad Post

I use the report bad post function if I see threads that are in the wrong forum or zombie threads, in spite of the:

message. This is partly because I’m sure I remember reading somewhere that we’re supposed to disregard this message.

Am I right, or should I heed the Note?

Correct. That message is the standard vB one, and modifying it is fairly low on the priority list.

We want the REPORT THIS POST to be used anytime you want to attract a moderator’s attention to a post, for whatever reason, profound or trivial.

OK thanks for making that clear.

I have a question about reporting bad posts…is there something wrong with reporting too many? I’ve held back from reporting a post, because I had recently reported a different one, and I didn’t want the mods to think I was being a “tattletale.”

Absolutely, no worries. Please, please, we’d far rather have you reporting more than less.

And don’t think of it as “tattling.” If you saw a mugger beating up a little old lady on the street, wouldn’t you call the police? If you saw someone who was too drunk to be driving start to get into his car, wouldn’t you do something to stop him? We’re trying to create an online community here, and that requires moderation. We have (basically) no budget, and so Moderators donate their time and efforts. But Moderators can’t be everywhere and cant’ watch everything, there’s just no way. So we need to have your help in reporting bad posts.

Now, having said that, let me fly into the fantastic. Yes, I can imagine abuses of the REPORT BAD POST button. Like if you were reporting 30 or 40 bad posts a day, we’d say that was probably overdoing it. Or, if you were deliberately trying to harrass Poster McGee by reporting all his posts. So, I can imagine abuses of the system, but we’re talking grotesque extremes here. Basically, don’t sweat it. Report what you see.

Just to back up what Dex said.

As a mod in GQ, I get anywhere from 3-20 “report this post” messages in my email per day. Usually, about 3-8.

Many are duplicates. I ignore some. I act immediately(once I read them) on the ones that are reporting trolls, spammers, and people who are blatantly disregarding the rules.

We have one member who reports at least 2 posts per day. I don’t hold this against that poster. I appreciate anyone who thinks there is something that needs attention. While it isn’t always true, the times that it IS outweighs any over-zealous reporting.

Please–report anything you aren’t comfortable with, and let us sort it out.

Thanks for the clarification.

I almost never use the feature (I think I’ve used it twice, in fact), because I was afraid of coming off all obnoxious.

When I see something blatant I usually assume that other people have reported it, and I’m reluctant to point out stuff that I consider borderline. It’s not my opinion that matters, after all.

This bothers me a bit. Would it be possible to at least respond to the “reporter” with “Checked your bad post report and I didn’t see anything that bad. No action taken.”?

Well, I (for one) try to acknowledge and thank most of the REPORT BAD POST notices that I get. However, I’m often time-pressed, and it’s not as easy as hitting “REPLY” (the report comes through a webmaster, so there’s a little cut-and-paste involved.) So, please don’t be offended if you don’t get a thank-you – it’s meant in spirit, even if it’s not sent electronically.


During 2004 I adopted a New Years resolution to be more aware of drunk drivers. During the year I offered rides home to 4 drunk individuals and each one took me up on my offer. Each ride was an experience. One young woman left a pool of vomit in my vehicle. Two of the people could not guide me to their home, resulting in looooong rides. One woman called me the next morning, demanding that I come and get her and drive her to her vehicle. She was angry that I messed up her plans for that day, and wished I had not have intervened the previous evening.

In 2005 I will try to drop some pounds. But drunk drivers will need to rely on some other sucker, although I may offer to call a cab for them. I said call, not pay for.


Oh, goodie!

(skips off to the Pit to see how many posts she can report)

vetbridge: When a Moderator uses a metaphor or asks a rhetorical questions, they’re meant to be taken metaphorically and rhetorically.


I think you want the mole-asses thread. :slight_smile:


I am sorry that I posted so inappropriately.

(I was gonna claim at first that the post was an attempt to allow someone to report a bad post…hehe…sorry.)