Question about reporting a Judge

I have to deal with a certain Judge every few months due to an ongoing custody case. Well anyways, court is always at 9:00am. This Judge (it never fails) strolls in around 11:00-11:30 everyday and then court is in session.

My question is, since this Judge is so inconsiderate, where or to whom can I report his tardiness and inconsideration?

The contact in this site should be able to assist, or at least point you in the right direction.

The inevitable question in any legal issue: What state/jurisdiction?

Sorry, St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

Are you sure you’re not confusing the opening of the court house (the physical building) with the opening of “the Court” - ie. the opening of the court-session?

All the court-houses I’m familiar with open at a set time in the morning, so that the public can enter (e.g. 8 a.m.), but the Court is only in session sometime after that (e.g. - 9.30 a.m.; 10 a.m.; 2 p.m.).

Nah, it states that court session starts at 9 am on my papers. Every other Judge in the same courthouse is at work and on the bench between 8:30-9:00 am every day.

I got nuthin’.

From the Maryland website, information about complaints regarding the judiciary.

Good luck.

you da man ! Thx

Assuming this judge is just being an asshole and making people wait around for him to get around to doing his job I really hope you stick it to him. Nothing worse than an inflated sense of entitlement in a public servant.

First, it’s remotely possible that the judge is handling matters in chambers every morning. For example, in some states, a woman under 18 needs a judge to sign off if she wants an abortion without her parents’ consent. A judge might decide to have those hearings in chambers before going out to the bench.

In any event, your complaints are very unlikely to accomplish anything. I would try to get your appearances rescheduled for afternoon. If you have a conflict at work or whatever, you might get it.

Point out in your complaint that your statements are easily confirmed from the court’s own record. All they need to do is compare a random sample of calandars with transcripts from the corresponding hearings. Those will show how often the judge is late, and by how much.

BTW, be aware the assumption will be that your complaint is retaliatory because you’re unhappy how your case is being handled. If it happens you’re fine with that, and indeed just frustated about the time issue, mention such. In any event, keep your letter calm, businesslike and not shrill. Will be much more effective. Not that I see anything objectional in what you’ve posted here. This is simply precautionary advice.

I understand that, but if he is in a habit of doing this (which he obviously is), schedule court for a later hour in the day. It’s that simple, ya know? There is no excuse to make 50 people sit in a hot, stuffy courtroom for two hours while he privately works out the problems of others on our time and dime.

But yeah, I have a feeling it will accomplish nothing as well, but I’m still gonna try. :slight_smile:

I’d suggest talking to his bailiff or court clerk. They may be able to explain the late start.

It’s not necessarily that simple. The notices might be generated by a separate calendar unit that automatically puts down “9:00” for every morning appearance.

In fact, if you strike up a friendly conversation with court personnel, they might flat out tell you that you don’t need to be there until 11:00.