Question about song lyrics

I don’t know if this post belongs here or in Cafe Society. I chose here because the question has a factual answer.

I am curious about the lyrics to a song that I hear while at work. I’ve tried Google and with no results. The words that I hear are as follows:

Right now, come and get it
Right now, hear me calling
Right now, need your loving

I’d like to know the title of the song and the artist, please.

It isn’t of cosmic importance, but I hope someone can satisfy my curiousity.

Thanks, Dopers.

I believe the song you’re refering to is Code Red’s “come and get it”.

Thanks very much, anson2995 .

I thought it was “Rio” by Duran Duran.

Only for 20 minutes, in 1960. Then they revised the lyrics. :stuck_out_tongue: