Question about steaming broccoli...

I use the Good Eats method, which involves the broccoli with 1/3 cup water in a lidded pan over high heat for 3 minutes, then low for another 3.

Problem is, it’s not always easy to hit the sweet spot of one pound of broccoli, and if it’s too much over that amount, then it tends to come out a little undercooked. What I wonder is, at which step should I add extra time for more broccoli, and how much? I obviously don’t want to overcook, either, especially if my estimation of weight is off.

Steaming broccoli is easy in a microwave. And if it’s underdone, just stick it in for more time. I haven’t steamed broccoli with a pot of water in 20 years.

If you significantly over-microwave it, it’s not nice. At all.

As long as you don’t do that, it’s fine.

Is your internet slow? One of the main reasons for broccoli streaming problems is slow internet.

Broccoli streaming can also suffer if you have a lot of people on your home connection all trying to stream broccoli (or other vegetables) at the same time.

Try swapping browsers, stove-top burners or pots.

Are you letting your broccoli buffer before trying to stream it? That could a problem.

Lastly, check your broccoli thoroughly for mold and viruses; they can slow down streaming. I would recommend avoiding the numerous broccoli streaming services available on the net. Most are just scams trying to steal your broccoli’s ID.
ETA: Oh, does that say “steaming”? I must have misread it.

Never mind.

As opposed to screaming lobsters: “No…”.